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At the Feet of The Mother

Blessed Be The Day


Blessed be this air that quivers with joy, having touched Her robe or lightly stroked Her face, or, having caressed Her hair, stolen a little of Her fragrance and Her sweetness.

Blessed be the feelings and emotions that ardently aspire to be identified with Her, wherever Her glory is sung or a sunlit future is in the making.

Blessed be the still moaning earth; but, having borne the Divine Mother, it cannot restrain this Ananda any longer and wants to burst its shell of unconsciousness and breathe Her plenitude.

Blessed be those whose hearts are still vibrating with that felicity and still remember that unique happiness.

Blessed be the day, blessed the auspicious hour, blessed this body, these eyes, the touch and the senses that have participated in that extraordinary phenomenon.

Blessed be the soul in me that, having so faintly known Her love, seeks untiringly to pursue this purifying flame.


What is this wonderful Grace whose compassion protects us forever? And is there any one among us who has not, more than once, felt tangibly its effect? Who has not been in a wonder of gratitude, for the life itself that has been given, the path traced, the assurance granted? The trivial events of our daily life when Grace holds out its hands, — can one count them?

As soon as we remember any of these moments that the Mother filled with delight, as soon as we hear the music or the voice of the Mother, when we are studying, meditating, when we are deeply moved, then we tell ourselves: “Now, I will not forget the Mother, even for a moment. I will take the firm decision, so that nothing will mislead me, I will try my best. I will, I will…”

And then, we know not when, without our being aware of it, without truly realising it, our eyes wander among the thousands of things that surround us, born from a ray of light or from a sound, and we are distracted, we go astray.

This is how we are at once so weak, so desolate and impotent before the Grandeur that has to be realised.

But the sweetness of a new light has descended, pouring down from the sky, dispelling the darkness and falsehood, and bringing with it the Blessings of the Supreme Grace. Now among us is the compassion that acts, the mercy that answers and the love that purifies. Now the Soul that speaks to our soul has come, announcing the end of the ignorance, to establish a new life in Her light and Her love. Now the assurance and the certitude of the victory have been given. The atmosphere radiates with Her presence and the whole universe thrills to Her Divine touch.


Blessed by Her, freed from all care, we can walk untiringly upon the lighted path She has built for us, from which She has removed all obstacles.

She only says to us: “Trust me and I shall lead you to the ultimate goal.”

Then each one of us answers:

“Joyfully I am Thine.

O Thou who hast made me enjoy, in all its purity, the beauty of a joyous and mysterious life,

O Thou who hast made me taste the power of a life that progresses,

O Thou who hast made me feel the light of a transforming life,

O Thou who hast led me to the sanctuary of the Truth of my soul, how could I not follow Thee? How could I not know Thee? How could I not trust Thee?

O Thou who hast done everything for us, Thou who art immutable, I give myself to Thee, imploring Thy Blessings.

O Love, Supreme Lord, may I be blessed by Thy Supreme Splendour.”


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