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At the Feet of The Mother

Bliss of a Myriad Myriads Who are One, p. 325

Opening Remarks
The Bliss of oneness multiplied in myriad ways there to become the bliss of multiplicity.

All turned to all
All turned to all without reserve’s recoil:
A single ecstasy without a break,
Love was a close and thrilled identity
In the throbbing heart of all that luminous life.

There was no shrinking or recoil anywhere from anything because oneness was never lost ad division could not be. All was a single ecstasy bonded by a close identity of Love in the heart of that luminous life.

Universal vision
A universal vision that unites,
A sympathy of nerve replying to nerve,
Hearing that listens to thought’s inner sound
And follows the rhythmic meanings of the heart,
A touch that needs not hands to feel, to clasp,
Were there the native means of consciousness
And heightened the intimacy of soul with soul.

A universal vision united all beings. A sympathy of nerve replied to nerve, hearing heard the inner sense and followed the meaning of the heart. Touch needed not hands to feel and clasp since all this was done by contact of consciousness with consciousness heightening the intimacy of soul with soul. It is a description of how the supramental senses operate. They enter into identity with each using these means.

Oneness deep, immeasurable
A grand orchestra of spiritual powers,
A diapason of soul-interchange
Harmonised a Oneness deep, immeasurable.

All there was an interchange of soul with soul, a grand orchestra of spiritual powers, a harmonised Oneness, deep and immeasurable.

Universal gaze
In these new worlds projected he became
A portion of the universal gaze,
A station of the all-inhabiting light,
A ripple on a single sea of peace.

Here the individual recovers his universal and transcendent Self without losing his individuality. He is conscious of being part and parcel of the Supreme Mother, is as a wave fully conscious of the sea of light and peace from which it has emerged.

Cosmic stir
His mind answered to countless communing minds,
His words were syllables of the cosmos’ speech,
His life a field of the vast cosmic stir.

His mind was in perfect harmony with every other mind and his speech was a flawless flow of the cosmic rhythms and the Word of creation. He created as he spoke. His life had grown vast and universal and all creation was felt as happening within him.

In unison to a single goal
He felt the footsteps of a million wills
Moving in unison to a single goal.

He felt the footsteps of a million wills in the vast cosmic field marching in unison to a single goal.

Calm movements of interminable delight
A stream ever new-born that never dies,
Caught in its thousandfold current’s ravishing flow,
With eddies of immortal sweetness thrilled,
He bore coiling through his members as they passed
Calm movements of interminable delight,
The bliss of a myriad myriads who are one.

The experience of life was as of a stream that is ever new born in a thousandfold current’s ravishing flow. He was thrilled with the eddies of immortal sweetness and bore coiling through his members calm movements of interminable delight and the bliss of a myriad myriads who are one. This is how life is experienced in that state of wonderful oneness as if all the delight of creation is being felt within d each moment is a new creative expression of this manifold universal delight.

Closing Remarks
The experience of unity in diversity, of oneness in multiplicity, was perfectly felt in that domain.

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