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At the Feet of The Mother

Body-Sense and Sadhana

It is not only from the teeth that the nectar-juice (Amrita) flows. It springs from any part of the body.
During such a condition, sometimes the consciousness feels as if there does not exist a mouth or any part inside the mouth — only there is Amrita and Amrita!

That kind of non-existence of the body or of some part of it is a frequent experience in sadhana.

During the state of self-realisation very little sense remains of my body. I do not know what it does or where it lies.

That is usual. I was in that way unconscious of the body for many years.

It also happens that when the experience is of a voidness I feel the whole body to be as light as cotton-wool.

Yes, it becomes like that. In the end you feel as if you had no body but were spread out in the vastness of space as an infinite consciousness and existence — or as if the body were only a dot in that consciousness.

Occasionally the whole head down to the neck becomes as if unreal — no substance is felt there.

That happens when the consciousness is liberated from the body sense.

The consciousness feels as if the Pure Existence were materially descending into one, down to the neck. But how can that be?

The Pure Existence is not something abstract but substantial and concrete. Moreover it is descending into the body, so it is quite natural to feel it materially.

During the general meditation with the Mother, my consciousness rose upwards in an utter passivity. I became unaware of my body up to the neck.

It means the whole mind was liberated for a while from imprisonment in the body sense and became free in the passivity of the wider self.

During that experience I did feel the freedom from the body sense. But what about the mind sense? In a full and solid experience of this kind will there be any trace of the mind’s existence?

That depends on the experience. It is usually had on the spiritual mental plane. There may be no active thinking mind, but the stuff of consciousness is still mental, even though it may be mind spiritual and liberated. Of course there may be the sense of pure spiritual existence, but that comes less easily.

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