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At the Feet of The Mother

Bright Gods of Thought, p. 274

Opening Remarks
This realm of bright gods who inspire our thoughts from the heights have their station here, in this Kingdom of the Greater Mind. Still it is the Mind and hence the ultimate reconciliation cannot be found here. One must climb beyond Thought, beyond even the most luminous thought to be able to discover Truth in its Reality.

The play of the bright gods
This was the play of the bright gods of Thought.

These greater gods dwelling in the planes beyond our human mind send us godlike thoughts. Their forces and energie3s wrap our mind in their light.

Imprisoning eternity
Attracting into time the timeless Light,
Imprisoning eternity in the hours,
This they have planned, to snare the feet of Truth
In an aureate net of concept and of phrase
And keep her captive for the thinker’s joy
In his little world built of immortal dreams:
There must she dwell mured in the human mind,
An empress prisoner in her subject’s house,
Adored and pure and still on his heart’s throne,
His splendid property cherished and apart
In the wall of silence of his secret muse,
Immaculate in white virginity,
The same for ever and for ever one,
His worshipped changeless Goddess through all time.

These gods inspire the human mind towards greatness but also tie it to their luminous play. They weave a net of bright and beautiful thoughts for the joy of the thinker where the Eternal must dwell forever. Thus they try to hold the Divine Mother captive in the house of Thought. The mighty Goddess is tied within boundaries off the human Mind. Her infinity and freedom is lost as the human Mind turns Her movements into fixed dogmas confining Her to rigid and narrow boundaries. There She is worshipped appropriated and enshrined as if She were the personal property of the thinker.

Faithful consort
Or else, a faithful consort of his mind
Assenting to his nature and his will,
She sanctions and inspires his words and acts
Prolonging their resonance through the listening years,
Companion and recorder of his march
Crossing a brilliant tract of thought and life
Carved out of the eternity of Time.

The goddess seems to yield as if she is the consort of the worshipper dwelling in the greater Mind. She becomes his helper and guide through the long march of Time spanning through a number of lives. She leads the thinker through the play of bright thoughts until he is ready to cross the Mind realms into That out of which the Mind itself has emerged.

Crowned Idea
A witness to his high triumphant star,
Her godhead servitor to a crowned Idea,
He shall dominate by her a prostrate world;
A warrant for his deeds and his beliefs,
She attests his right divine to lead and rule.

The great reconciling Truth is missing here. It is a realm of warring Ideas that have emerged out of the Home of Truth into this bright realm. The mighty Mother becomes the force behind each Idea and thereby helps the thinker holding this idea, dominate and rule the world. She sanctions his victory and crowns him with success.

Closing Remarks
Thus behind each godhead of this realm, behind each human being who ascends to these heights there stands a feminine Energy which is a power and a goddess that inspires, guides and helps leading the thinker in these realms towards the crowning victory of a single Idea whose time has come.

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