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At the Feet of The Mother

Brink of Nought, pp. 307-308

Opening Remarks
Aswapati has arrived at the brink of Nothingness. All must be left behind as one enters here. It is the zone where all begins and ends.

Returning to the fount
Attracted by the unfathomable regard
The unsolved slow cycles to their fount returned
To rise again from that invisible sea.

It is the fount and Source of all creation. It is where the cycles of creation return and rise again as waves from an unfathomable ocean.

All was undone
All from his puissance born was now undone;
Nothing remained the cosmic Mind conceives.

All things born from his puissance were here undone. Nothing remained that the cosmic Mind conceives. It is the realm of the Unmanifest.

Nothing’s deeps
Eternity prepared to fade and seemed
A hue and imposition on the Void,
Space was the fluttering of a dream that sank
Before its ending into Nothing’s deeps.

Eternity began to fade as if it was an imposition on the Void. Space fluttered like a dream that sank before its ending into Nothing’s deeps. Both Time and Space are born out of IT for the purposes of manifestation. Even the sense of endless time and boundless space begins to fade in that Glory of Glories.

Myths projected from the Unknowable
The spirit that dies not and the Godhead’s self
Seemed myths projected from the Unknowable;
From It all sprang, in It is called to cease.

Even the undying spirit and the self of Godhead seemed as if myths projected from the Unknowable. All emerged from It and ceased in It. This is so because the very means of knowing were absorbed in That. It is the grand Unknowable with whom we can identify but cannot ever say that we know it or try to define IT.

None could define or tell
But what That was, no thought nor sight could tell.

But neither thought nor sight could tell what That was. IT was beyond all formulation, definition or conception.

Formless Form of self
Only a formless Form of self was left,
A tenuous ghost of something that had been,
The last experience of a lapsing wave
Before it sinks into a bourneless sea,—
As if it kept even on the brink of Nought
Its bare feeling of the ocean whence it came.

All that was left was a last experience of some Form of formless self, a tenuous ghost that stayed just before disappearing like the last wave about to sink into the bourneless sea. It was as if it kept some feeling of the ocean even on this brink of Nought. This state borders on to the utter dissolution of everything into Parabrahman, the state that is beyond Being and Non-Being.

Closing Remarks
It is the last sense of the Self, the eternal immortal Self that was experienced before even this vanished into utter Nothingness.

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