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At the Feet of The Mother

What Can be Done without a Living Master?

The general inability of humanity to follow spiritual paths, even the well-mapped out traditional path of a moksha-oriented spirituality is quite common and independent whether there is a living Guru or not. I can say this based on interactions with disciples of other spiritual communities where the living Master is very much present. But we must admit that any spiritual path is not easy and the Yoga of transformation even more difficult.

Without attempting to determine the exact numbers, from my personal experience I know that over the world there are at least several people who are striving towards the New Creation. They are also experiencing all that the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have said in various degrees. These alone matters and not those who are failing and there is no point keeping count of them. In any high and difficult endeavour, it is the few successes that justify the many failures on the great upward incline. Also, even apparent ‘failures’ do not mean a final obliteration of the spiritual destiny. The spiritual destiny, once begun stands, it may be delayed but is never frustrated.

Those attain most swiftly who do not waste their time debating about the importance of living Master since they know through faith that the Master is within. The need of a living Master in flesh and blood is often a concession that the Divine makes to the human limitations and the physical mind bound to the narrow range of our physical senses. Often it ever becomes an excuse for laziness. But the eye of faith or of an intuition in the heart knows that the true Master is neither living nor dead. He was, He is and He always will be. His birth into the physical world and assuming a physical name and form is only for a certain specific purpose to be worked out in Space and Time. His physical presence no doubt helps, can even be a great help to those who are receptive and ready but in reality, the journey of Yoga does not depend so much on the external help as on coming in contact with the ever-living Presence within through aspiration, faith, sincerity and surrender.

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