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At the Feet of The Mother

Conversations with Narad (Richard Eggenberger)

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22 videos, recorded in 2014-2016 on topics ranging from health and psychology to history and poetry.

Video in English
“As to the question of pursuing the Path without an embodied Guru – well, we may not be able to see Her, but She is able to see us, and yoga depends primarily on the Divine rather than on human end... " (CN03)
Video in English
A selection from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on Harmony and Cooperation, as well as recording of a conversation between Alok Pandey and Narad on this topic. (CN04)
Video in English
"…India is a grand old laboratory, chosen by the Divine for a certain kind of evolutionary experiment. It is country, containing all the desiderata of the past, making it an amazingly complex, many-sided, fascinating Motherland, Mother, Goddess." (CN09)
Video in English
The first conversation of Alok Pandey and Narad on significance of the Siddhi Day. (CN16)
Video in English
Alok Pandey in conversation with Narad speaks about a mystery of the Divine Mother's accepting birth in a human body and then leaving it, and practical consequences of this for spiritual practice of Her devotees and followers. (CN13)