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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Savitri

Writings by Alok Pandey on Savitri

An essay by Dr Alok Pandey (TEXT)
"Most of all enjoy Savitri. It is Sri Aurobindo's gift of Love to the world. Read it from the heart with love and gratitude as companions, and drown in its fiery bliss. That is the true understanding rather than one that comes by a constant churning of words in the head."
The dawn becomes at once a symbol and a reality. On the physical plane it is the day of destiny when Satyavan must die. But at a deeper level, and almost paradoxically, it is the dawn of creation, the coming of Hope and Light and effort and beauty and joy into the world.
"This is Savitri, the Light of the Supreme, the incarnation of the Divine Mother who enters the prison house of matter, veiling Her Light and Glory and Powers. She comes near us to breathe hope and give strength. Her very Presence is enough to disarm the sentries. Her smile is enough to fill us with renewed energy and enthusiasm."
Beyond there is a whole world awaiting our discovery, a world that expresses itself as a state of Consciousness. It is here that Man begins to fulfill his real role to go beyond his humanity and, transcending the barriers of the mind, enter the domains of a higher spiritual truth. But this is no easy task. Nature keeps us tied within its boundaries.
As man grows beyond his first primal needs, there also grows in him, especially with the development of the mind, the urge to understand the world around him. But the understanding of the world alone does not satisfy his longings for knowledge. There comes a point when he must turn back upon himself, the observer of the scene and try to see who he himself is?
Sri Aurobindo with the rare genius of a Master takes up the ancient story of Savitri from the Vedic period and raises it to a totally new dimension. Savitri becomes a bridge between the past and the future that embodies at once not only secrets of the past dawns of mankind but also gives birth to the yet unknown truths of the future.
"The very fact that Savitri embodies the very highest rhythms of Truth, termed in Indian thought as the mantra, and is the manifestation of the Seer-Vision and Spiritual-occult vision and experiences of Sri Aurobindo, who had entered the deepest and highest realms of yogic realisations, makes Savitri a Veda in its own right. For what we mean by the Vedas is not just a set of four holy books, but a document of occult vision and spiritual experiences of seers who sought for the Truth behind appearances and had found it."
"... passages of exquisite beauty and power and grace that bring out this vision of the One to our mist-laden eyes ever struggling to make sense of the evil that one sees within and around oneself. Our eyes see only division while Truth is supreme unity and sublime Harmony. God and the World, Soul and Nature, Spirit and Matter are not two eternally separate but are two poles of a single unity"
"... the central figure, the transmuting alchemist power is the Power and Grace and Love of the Divine Mother, incarnate in the being and persona of Savitri. Satyavan has merely consented to her working, he has surrendered himself in the safe hands of the Incarnate Mother, the power that alone can change all things."
"Savitri is the story of the Divine Mother. But since the Divine Mother has become the creation itself, Savitri is also the story of creation, in fact of all of us, since that is what we are in our secret self - a portion of the Divine Mother who has entered into Time and Space to play with fate and circumstance."
"The Mighty Mother shall take birth in Time And God be born into the human clay In forms made ready by your human lives." Savitri: 705
"Savitri for Sri Aurobindo was not a book to be started and finished but an unending tapasya. Savitri has accompanied his spiritual journey and as he went further and further, higher and higher into the realms of the Unknown, he modified Savitri to further embody the states of consciousness that he experienced in course of his tapasya. Thus Savitri becomes an embodiment of Sri Aurobindo’s Consciousness, his Will bequeathed to earth and men. "