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At the Feet of The Mother

Indra (Yudhishthira) Sen

Finding the soul is all the issue of life. One must be first what one really is. One must get right oneself first.
The yogic approach to life beginning as a little deeper poise of consciousness can, if pursued long enough, lead to such a marvellous realisation — a realisation of a Conscious Soul in a Conscious Universe, living as a master and a king, over the lesser manifestations of matter, life and mind.
An essay on the goals of education as The Mother and Sri Aurobindo defined them. Dr Indra Sen also reflects on the Ashram School students answers to the question ‘What does your soul look like?’
Mother, if Sri Aurobindo’s power of action is now greater and his passing was an incident leading to such larger action, is Your own passing not of a similar character and would Your action too be not more powerful now? It seems to be already evident that it is so.
... we feel that Your passing is an incident connected with the progress of the work and, as worthy disciples, see Your going in its spiritual bearings and learn to cultivate and strengthen spiritual connections and enjoy the true abiding relations.
You undertook transformation of the physical and this in the interest of an integral transformation of life, of raising general human living to the high supramental level. You have also in Your ‘Notes’ revealed the details and intricacies of the working of transformation. In the April issue of 1967, You have explained three approaches to the problem of transformation.
Mother, you have left us a testament, a large and an intimate testament and we now read it with a keen desire. You have spoken there of Yourself, of the deepest mystery of Your inner aspirations and longings, of marvellous contacts and communions, of great transformations and transmutations, of enormous risks and hazards ...