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At the Feet of The Mother

Letters 1933-34

The present selection covers only the years 1933-34 — except for a batch added from a later time for the sake of their very general interest. The remaining letters will appear in another volume.

Nagin Doshi

We believe that both you and the Mother are Avatars. It is said that you and she have been on the earth constantly since its creation. What were you doing during your previous lives?

Carrying on the evolution.

When the Divine descends here as an incarnation, how then does he still continue to rule over the universe?

Do you imagine that the Divine is at any time not everywhere in the universe or beyond it? or that he is living at one point in space and governing the rest from it, as Mussolini governs the Italian Empire from Rome?

Will not the Supermind be one of the powers commanded by man for realising the Divine upon earth?

...You mean manifesting, I suppose. Anyone can realise the Divine — in the sense of being conscious of the Divine. Man is a mental being in a body — how can he have command of the Supermind which is far above mind? Even Overmind is far above him.

Does your bringing down the Supermind into the physical depend upon the sadhaks here?

No, except that they can act as obstacles.

I gather that you started bringing down the Supramental into it in 1923.

Why not 1623? Or since the beginning of the evolution?

What exactly is the difference between the Supermind and the Overmind?

The Supermind is the total Truth Consciousness; the Overmind draws down the truths separately and gives them a separate activity — e.g. in the Supermind the Divine Peace and Power, Knowledge and Will are one. In the Overmind each of these becomes a separate aspect which can exist or act on its own lines apart from the others. When it comes down to Mind they turn into an ignorance and incapacity

What has outer greatness got to do with the Yogis? [...]

Obviously outer greatness is not the aim of Yoga. But that is no reason why one should not recognise the part played by greatness in the order of the universe or the place of great men of action, great poets and artists etc. [...] People have begun to try to prove that great men were not great, which is a very great mistake.

[The spiritual realization] sees the One everywhere, — the Beloved everywhere, the original bliss of existence everywhere and all these can create an inexpressible Ananda of beauty, — the beauty of the One, the beauty of the Divine, the beauty of the Beloved, the beauty of the eternal Existence in things.
"The impulse towards laya is a creation of the mind, it is not the sole possible destiny of the soul. When the mind tries to abolish its own ignorance, it finds no escape from it except laya, because it supposes that there is no higher principle of cosmic existence beyond itself [...] Those who go through the heart (love, bhakti) do not accept laya, they believe in a state beyond of eternal companionship with the Divine or dwelling in the Divine without laya."