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At the Feet of The Mother


Essays and Talks of Nirodbaran
With the Mother he is so free and natural like a child asking questions, correcting her, and the Mother indulging his whims and views. None of us would dare to take so much liberty with her and he did it because he loved her as his own mother.
Essays and Talks of Nirodbaran
One never came from a meeting with him without carrying away some sweetness, light and purity. Purity, sweetness and light were indeed his inborn psychic qualities. The name “Pavitra” given to him by Sri Aurobindo could not have been more appropriate. One could feel a white light wrapping him like a fine vesture wherever he went.
Essays and Talks of Nirodbaran
In 1967 the Mother wrote to Pradyot ..., “Pradyot, my dear child, I need you as my instrument, and you will remain so. Be very quiet — endure with courage. I am with you in love and in victory.”
Essays and Talks of Nirodbaran
.... his freedom from the taint of personality: ego was dead. He had love for all and sundry. Enemy he had none, not even those who were considered to be doing harm to the Ashram. He accepted them all as the Mother’s children and left it to her to judge them.
Essays and Talks of Nirodbaran
It was my great good fortune to have Sri Aurobindo as my guru. In my exploration of spiritual history I have not come across any other guru who can be compared to him. He was not only guru, but also the Divine in a human body, the last Avatar, the supramental Avatar according to the Mother. A synthesis of two cultures, oriental and occidental — poet, philosopher, politician, linguist, literary critic — he was also the yogi who might well say: “I have drunk the Infinite like a giant’s wine.”
An Essay by Nirodbaran
" ... it was no longer the body, but the golden lid which half-covered, half-revealed that Truth. Those who had the inner sight had realised the Truth and those who had the inner ear had heard in the still cave of their heart the piercing cry, “I am here, I am here!”
... I wrote to Sri Aurobindo, "How people calling to Shiva or Krishna or their Ishta Devata get responses from you I don’t understand," he replied, " Who is Shiva? and who is Krishna? and what is an Ishta Devata? There is only one Divine, not a thousand Divines."
With 115th birth anniversary of Nirod da approaching, we share a presentation in his memory. It was produced in 2007 by the Gnostic Centre.
"We have no fixed method. Whatever helps you to become concentrated and to go within — you follow that. The name of the Mother or Sri Aurobindo can also be helpful. Any work done as an offering to them is another way."
"I shall leave my dreams in their argent air, For in a raiment of gold and blue There shall move on the earth embodied and fair The living truth of you."