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At the Feet of The Mother

On ‘The Mother’ by Sri Aurobindo

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Chapter 2 is a piece written by Sri Aurobindo after he had finished replying to a series of questions asked by Motilal Mehta, a disciple living in Gujarat, in a letter dated 30 May 1927. Sri Aurobindo concluded his reply as follows: “Calling on God to do everything and save one all the trouble and struggle is a self-deception and does not lead to freedom and perfection.”
You must neither turn with an ascetic shrinking from the money power, the means it gives and the objects it brings, nor cherish a rajasic attachment to them or a spirit of enslaving self-indulgence in their gratifications.
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The four Powers of the Mother are four of her outstanding Personalities, portions and embodiments of her divinity through whom she acts on her creatures, orders and harmonises her creations in the worlds and directs the working out of her thousand forces.
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Sri Aurobindo wrote this essay dealing with the four aspects of the Mother and related topics in the autumn of 1927 with the idea of publishing it in the booklet that eventually became The Mother. The essay was published as the sixth chapter of The Mother in 1928.
माता इस विश्वब्रह्माण्ड का जो परिचालन और जगन्नाट्य-संबंधी जो कार्य करती हैं उसमें उनके चार महारूप विशेष रूप से सामने प्रकट हैं, ये उनकी प्रमुख शक्तियों और विग्रहों में से चार हैं। प्रथमा हैं उनकी विग्रहभूता प्रशांत विशालता, सर्वव्यापिनी ज्ञानवत्ता, अचंचल मङ्गलमयता, अशेष निःशेष करुणा, अतुल अद्वितीय महिमा और विश्वराट् गौरव-गरिमा।