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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother Reads Savitri (video clips)

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POSTS with video and audio are below (9.5 hrs)

The great world-rhythms were heart-beats of one Soul, To feel was a flame-discovery of God, All mind was a single harp of many strings, All life a song of many meeting lives; For worlds were many, but the Self was one.
A friend and yet too great wholly to know, She walked in their front towards a greater light, Their leader and queen over their hearts and souls, One close to their bosoms, yet divine and far.
There is a Power within that knows beyond Our knowings; we are greater than our thoughts, And sometimes earth unveils that vision here. To live, to love are signs of infinite things, Love is a glory from eternity’s spheres.
"A day may come when she must stand unhelped On a dangerous brink of the world’s doom and hers. Carrying the world’s future on her lonely breast, Carrying the human hope in a heart left sole ..."
"A worshipped empress all once vied to serve, She made herself the diligent serf of all, Nor spared the labour of broom and jar and well, Or close gentle tending or to heap the fire Of altar and kitchen, no slight task allowed To others that her woman’s strength might do."
"Find out thy soul, recover thy hid self [...] In the enormous emptiness of thy mind Thou shalt see the Eternal’s body in the world, Know him in every voice heard by thy soul [...] Then shalt thou harbour my force and conquer Death.”
Then Savitri following the great winding road Came where it dwindled into a narrow path Trod only by rare wounded pilgrim-feet. A few bright forms emerged from unknown depths And looked at her with calm immortal eyes.