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At the Feet of The Mother

Tuesday Talks


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A short dip into the history of ‘Christmas celebrations’ at the Ashram.... a talk of the Mother on the 25th Dec and another on the 31st Dec are showing us as always the way to live simply and beautifully and divinely.
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Evolution is not magic but a real-time event that takes place through steps and processes. Each stage carries its own hazards and challenges, brings its own set of opportunities; opens doors to the highest and the abyss. The road to Supermanhood passes through an increasing embodiment of the godlike nature...
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he advent of the New World brings its own share of problems and issues. This evening we share the Mother’s insights on this subject that is fast taking the modern youth in its grips.
"Ancient thought has always admired the exceptional, the extreme, the superhuman type of humanity. But what really constitutes the phenomenon of genius in any field?"
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Sahana Devi's memoirs again and again show us the Love and Grace of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and Their way of dealing with the sadhakas difficulties and unique challenges.
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"Sri Aurobindo’s life is a wonderful example of how yoga can be practiced even in the most hostile environment. We find this most strikingly in ‘Tales of Prison Life’, penned down by Him regarding the trial period. "