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At the Feet of The Mother

Book One: The Book of Beginnings

In this Canto we see Seer King Aswapati experiencing something new and unprecedented in the history of Yoga. In response to his new aspiration that wants perfection here upon earth, in the material frame itself, he is given a glimpse of the Splendours of the Spirit hidden in the higher hemisphere of existence.
What follows next is hurried glimpse of the Higher Hemisphere. What he has now glimpsed from the translucent screen of the Overmind must be entered into and experienced directly. This will be described in details later.
Aswapati now sees the worlds that lie concealed in the higher Hemisphere of existence. He stands now at the borders of the two hemispheres and from this vantage point gets a glimpse of the Supramental world, even though from the outside.
A complex play of forces hidden to our sight supports this visible universe from behind. This complex play of forces is arranged hierarchically as a ladder. This ladder will be described in detail in Book Two.
The Divine Maya is the Occult Power that works behind creation. She is not a power of illusion as is often believed to be, but a power of the Divine that receives her impetus from the Supramental Divine and turns it into real and living forms and figures, breathing into them something of her power.
Having hinted to us the workings of a supreme creative Intelligence behind forms and figures and qualities, Sri Aurobindo now gives us a glimpse of this Creative Power. She is not a mechanical energy but a conscious Power of God that has gone into creation.
There are powers that lie in the intermediary domains that connect the human mind to the Overmind, which can be that can easily be mistaken for the true Divine. Sri Aurobindo reminds us that this is but a mediating realm, the mediator divinity that connects matter with the Spirit.
The workings of Nature are at once a marvel and a wonder. Its complexity and the working out of several lines of forces at several levels together is enough to make us see that there is behind her workings an unseen Hand of Light and wonder.
Aswapati grows aware of the occult forces that stand behind creation and weave the texture and curves and circumstances of our life. New and divine possibilities begin to emerge and manifest spontaneously as the instruments of Nature are heightened, refined and progressively transformed.
Now Aswapati sails beyond the last limits of lower nature that ties us down. Thus we see the beginnings of a spiritual transformation under the increasing pressure of higher states of Consciousness.
When the human consciousness is stilled and turned upwards in a one-pointed aspiration, when the soul ascends to high luminous regions of the Spirit, when the descent of the greater Truth-Consciousness begins to remould us, then the Superman held within the folds of human consciousness begins to emerge into the world-play.
Even as Aswapati continues his ascension further, he is greeted by an unexpected movement from Above. The Transcendent towards whom he is aspiring not only receives him but comes down and embraces him. It is the yoga of Supramental descent that begins to enter into the yoga of Ascension.
A new journey now begins for Aswapati. He aspires to go further where none has dared to visit while still in the flesh. He glimpsed the Splendours in the House of the Spirit from afar, but now he wants to come in direct contact with the sun itself and not through the rays.
Sri Aurobindo is a spiritual realist. On the one hand he is fully aware of the present state of imperfection that we live in. On the other hand he is also aware of the deeper and higher possibilities. That is why his words always comfort and soothe, give us hope and courage.
Why cannot the human body, this house of clay, be illumined with the Divine Light that dwells within us? Such is the aspiration that Aswapati implants upon earth. He aspires to bring down the greater world, the Glory he has glimpsed, here upon earth.
We see here Sri Aurobindo laying down the foundations of the Supramental Yoga that grants to the seeking soul the grand reconciliation between God and World, Soul and Nature, Spirit and Matter.