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At the Feet of The Mother

Canto VII: The Descent into Night

Aswapati begins his descent into the Night. At first he enters into a realm built by the waste and destruction of past forms that have served their utility and gone into oblivion. They survive only in their outer form even though the spirit has passed away.
There is a dark side of creation that often remains hidden in its underbelly. It emerges from time to time wearing various masks to pull the upward movement back. It is difficult to recognise the action of evil as it comes stealthily and whispers and lures the human heart turning all things downhill.
Something began to emerge out of the gulfs of Night, an evil influence crept silently to enter men’s heart. The powers of the Abyss deform and distort truth. They cast a spell as it were that perverts the will and throws doubts thereby dragging nature towards the home of Night.
Aswapati now wants to explore the dark underbelly of Life that denies it enduring progress and ties it down to the level of a beast with some rare uplifting moments. With this will to discover the very roots of evil, Aswapati now descends into darkness.