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At the Feet of The Mother

Canto XIV: The World-Soul

Beyond Purusha and Prakriti moving the cosmic whirl there stands Kali, the World-Mother whose steps determine future Time. It is She who must open the door to the Beyond for Aswapati.
Text in English
Aswapati has reached the very core of creation, the space or domain from where the ideas and forces leap into creation and where our soul returns for a rejuvenating sleep.
After leaving the body the soul goes to the psychic world crossing through the mental and vital domains. Thence it rests for a while depending upon the experiences that it must assimilate and the future it must prepare for.
The soul world or the psychic world is not found in the vital and mental domains but much deeper. It is the very core where we enter in deep sleep to return rejuvenated even by a few minutes of contact with it.
This is the psychic world where our souls find rest and peace when we rest at night and after death. It is a glimpse of what life could become if we realise our soul and live in it and by it.
It is the psychic world in which Aswapati has stepped in in his search for the door towards the Beyond. It is a world where all souls meet in a happy and harmonious embrace.
We see here Aswapati entering the psychic world where the Cosmic Divine’s Presence is experienced most concretely. Here one finds all things in their divine purity and the love and sweetness and beatitude and bliss that can remake our lives.
Here we see Aswapati travelling through the subliminal layers of consciousness through the sound. These experiences of an inner hearing are well-known to yogis and come as our inner being opens to higher states of consciousness.
Aswapati reached the Self of Mind but the Soul of the world and its mystic heart was yet unseen. Now he suddenly comes across a hidden passage, a well or a tunnel through which he can go further.