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At the Feet of The Mother

​Champaklal — Prayers and Aspirations (a book)

These are the “Prayers and Aspirations” which the Mother has made Champaklal write.


A Request:
“This is not poetry, it is not song either, these are only my inner being’s utterances. I have not written them, the Supreme Mother and Lord have made me write them. Whatever I have had to say I have said in these lines.”


When told that this book should contain an introduction about the author (Champaklal), he smiled in his unique childlike manner and sang,

Come, come, come to our home,
Our home is at the Mother’s feet.

That reveals in a subtle way his purpose of writing these prayers through which he invites all to his residence – the Mother’s Feet – Her Consciousness.

The Book

Champaklal – Prayers and Aspirations_1992