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At the Feet of The Mother

Closing Doors, Opening Hearts: Strangely Together in Our Isolation

Today we have transcended, even if for a moment, our barriers of nationality, religion, ideologies and all other differences created by the separative ego. Instead we stand united as a single human race that shares common resources, face common dangers, have same fears as also ways to cope with crisis. We have come strangely together in our splendid isolation. We are being rewired no more through the divisive intellect but the great unifier, heart. We have closed our boundaries to others but our hearts have opened wide in a common bond of sympathy and oneness. This is the great opportunity that the crisis has given us. When the doors outside are closed, it is time to look within and enter that secret sanctuary of Light and Peace and joy and Strength, where our true individuality blends with the universal.

Indeed it is only the soul that can easily enter into the sense of the universal. It is only the soul that can unite each one of us in a true solidarity of oneness without losing our uniqueness. Nor is it only with humanity that the soul can feel its closeness but with all creatures, in fact with the entire creation, with the trees and plants and animals and bird and beast as well as with rivers and mountains and the pebble lying idly on the shores. This is true globalisation and not what we have been trying and experiencing up till now. The globalization brought about with commercial interests at the heart is an Asuric form given to the deep truth of oneness. But the globalization brought about by the living soul within us is the divine form which will be the growing mould of the future. Today we stand together in a much more inward and for that reason in a much more concrete way. Let us hope that this little start, this initiation into a new journey, an inward journey where our individual center unites with the center of the Earth continues when the clouds are cleared as indeed they will and the sun smiles again upon our all too fragile and yet all too humanly-divine existence.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.