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At the Feet of The Mother

Closing Remarks for Canto Four and Book Four

Closing Remarks for the Canto
This Canto is all about the quest Savitri undertakes to find the type of humanity that would be suitable for the Work she has undertaken, for the fulfillment of her mission of building our humanity in a way that it escapes the law of death. Though she has not yet been made fully aware of this mission, yet her intuitive search is not satisfied even with the highest of the old world. Great though the kings and sages are, yet she carries within her sealed orders for a new humanity. She is born with it and this reflects even in the quest she undertakes for her partner and mate.

Closing Remarks for Book Four
Book Four is about the birth of Savitri transiting through adolescence towards the fullness of youth. This phase of her life prepares and equips her for the work for which she has descended into an earthly mould due to the tapasya of Aswapati. Hers is not an ordinary birth but the birth of the Divine Mother in matter with a will to transform it. Her body and mind have to adapt to the world and yet release therein streams of the New Consciousness. What this work is has been hinted through the four Cantos of this book and will gradually unfold as life opens the doors of fate for her.

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