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At the Feet of The Mother

Closing Remarks for the Book Three and Part One

Closing Remarks for the Book
Book Three comes to a close with the completion of Aswapati’s tapasya. He had set out his search as the representative of the human race to find a lasting and radical solution to the enigma of life. It is for this that he has climbed the entire range of consciousness to reach the very Source, the One Consciousness – Force, the original Absolute Power. On his way as he climbs out of the universal into the Transcendent he first encounters the Supreme in His Purusha aspect, the One without a Second in whom all can be annulled. He can lose himself in the Supreme Reality, the Silence Absolute, the Indefinable ineffable One. But Aswapati waits on the threshold of self annulment until out of the Supreme original hush there emerges the Absolute Power that sleeps within It. It is the Creatrix Power, the Divine Mother. She reveals to Aswapati Her Master plan of creation. Aswapati now secures a boon from Her so that the original blueprint, Her dream of a True and Beautiful creation is manifested upon earth here and now. At first She cautions Aswapati that earth and man are not ready yet. But Aswapati pleads on behalf of humanity and eventually the Divine Mother grants him a boon promising him that she Herself will descend as the Avatara, carrying with Her the seeds of the New Creation. She will prepare earth and men and therein sow the seeds of the New Life, the Supramental Life in earthly matter thereby helping nature leap from man to the supramental being of tomorrow. This Book ends up with this Divine Assurance of the Future.


Closing Remarks for the Part One
The Part One of Savitri, which was incidentally printed just before Sri Aurobindo withdrew from the physical scene, consists of the first three Books. In this first part, the Master Poet, the Divine Author lays down the foundations of his terrestrial work. It is Sri Aurobindo’s own experiences and realisations that we see revealed in the first part. He has come and prepared the field for the advent of the Divine Mother who alone can accomplish the seeming impossible. In Part 2 running from Book Four to Book Eight, we shall see the experiences of the Divine Mother in Her human incarnation as Savitri.

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