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At the Feet of The Mother

Closing Remarks for the Canto 3 & Book 5

Closing Remarks for the Canto 3

The quest has ended with Satyavan. He is the epitome of the type of humanity best suited for the work that Savitri, the incarnate Divine Mother has undertaken. The marriage of Savitri and Satyavan, though at once divine and human is also the symbol of the mystic marriage between the human soul and the Divine that contains within it the seed of divine possibilities manifesting upon earth. The efflorescence of a divine life upon earth requires the earth-born humanity to discover and become one with the Divine. This is possible only if our souls can be wedded to the Lord within. The journey of Savitri becomes therefore at once symbolic of the human quest for the Divine within us. However here it is also the quest of the Divine Mother for souls that are strong and ready to bear the burden of the Future that She brings for earth and men.


Closing Remarks for the Book 5

Book Five is a most wonderful book with enthralling images and exquisitely beautiful passages that reveal to us the deepest secrets and mystery of Love at once human and divine. It also reveals the mystery of the human soul seeking and uniting with the Divine that begins a new phase in the journey of life. With this union a new possibility arises, the possibility of transformation of earthly life and our fallen nature to recover its lost divinity. Love is the bridge that joins the Highest Divine heights with the darkest Abyss. It is the saviour Power that reaches out to us even when we know It not and are wandering aimlessly and lost in the forest of ignorance. Divine Love arrives and everything begins to change thereby.


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