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At the Feet of The Mother

Communism: The Devil is in Details

Communism is indeed a beautiful idea and aspiration of mankind but to believe that such an ideal world can be established while the human consciousness continues to struggle with its ignorance and ego, lives to satisfy its desires and ambitions and greed and lust is merely to be fooled by words.  Above all to believe that the world will be changed through the politburo and comrade in arms and forced control of thoughts and an economic equality without discovering its basis in spirituality is another folly.

True communism can be a panacea of sorts to harmonise man’s individuality with the larger collectivity of human beings and his spirit of unity but neither is possible until we have found the key to the brotherhood of man. Religion was meant to provide it but it stopped short of it and even turned into its opposite by dwelling too much upon exclusiveness of its outer forms and symbols and prophets and books leaving the spiritual core empty. 

Political communism is merely a ploy of the few to control the masses by giving them the opium of an ideology that man cherishes always in his heart. It is selling a dream that by its very nature cannot be realised as long as man remains the same biological animal that we are taught that we are. It is true that the future of the world is a divine anarchy and a divine communism but it can only be on a sound spiritual basis when men would evolve beyond the mental-vital creature to their own divine possibility. This is what the great and luminous beings such as Christ came to teach but their teachings were turned into fixed dogmatic or sectarian religions.

Now the creed of communism has appeared to give us the promised land. But it is vain and idle to believe that the Kingdom of Heaven can be reproduced outside by an act of parliament as long as we have not discovered the kingdom of Heaven within us. The evil therefore lies in twisting a truth or dropping off the key to realise it, – the devil is in the details as it is said and for good reasons.   

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