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At the Feet of The Mother

Conquest of Desires

I shall not ask, for anything from Thee, Mother; I shall only sit at Thy feet looking up to Thy face. Whatever Thou wilt give me in Thy grace, I shall bow down and accept. I know Thou art the queen of queens, and canst fill me with riches, which will be the envy of the gods. But the more I desire them, the more I limit my possibilities. I have taken a deathless determination to root out all my desires, so that Thou mayest fill me with joy in Thy own way.

I know Thou art the mightiest power in the universe, and canst make me more powerful even than the gods. But the more I fret and make efforts with my will, the more I fail and limit my capacity. I have resolved to quiet my will and effort, Mother, so that Thou mayest work out in Thy own way Thy all-conquering will through me.

I know Thou art the Truth itself, and canst give me wisdom beyond the ken of gods; but the more I try to know by the effort of my mind and reason, the more I blind myself to truth. I have resolved to make my mind quiet and passive, so that Thou mayest fill me with Thy light in Thy own way.

I have resolved to remove all obstacles, so that Thou mayest have Thy own way in me. I shall ask for nothing, I shall only sit at Thy feet, Mother, looking up to Thy face.

* * *

The world assumes an entirely fresh aspect, every thing and every event become full of beauty and of joy, if only we can get rid of our desires, if we can transcend our egoism.

We hanker blindly after the limited joys of the world, our senses are continually rushing out to seize and enjoy their objects, and thus is disturbed the tranquility of the soul, which is the true foundation of all delight. By our egoism we cut ourselves off from the Truth; falsely we centre our existence round a narrow conception of the self; hence arise division and conflict, hence we suffer from wrath and fear, from rivalry and jealousy; hence we suffer from the pangs of loss and separation.

Let me fully grasp the truth, Mother, that my limited ego is not my true self; let me be continually identified with the one Self of all, and be established in its eternal, immutable peace.

Let me realise that this life of desire is not my real nature, that I am Thy true child, Divine Mother, and that my life is a part of Thy divine play on the earth. Then the whole world will change its aspect and will be eternally full of great beauty and intense delight for me.

* * *

My desires and passions are constantly pointing out the way to me, hence I err at every step. It is my earnest aspiration to be guided solely by Thy light and Thy voice, Mother, but the impurities in me would not allow me to do so.

I have in me all sorts of ideas about duty and fixed habits of work. Various considerations rise in me whenever I want to do or undo anything. It is no wonder I constantly get confused and accept falsehood as truth. There is one simple rule which can save me from all trouble and anxiety, can protect me from all errors and disasters, and that is to follow Thee and Thee only, Mother. But my ever recurring egoism would not allow me to do so.

Thou hast shown the surest way to conquer all my desire and egoism; I have only to turn towards Thee always and keep myself full of Thy love. No pleasure arising from the pursuit of selfish habits and egoistic desires can ever compare with the great joy of sincere love and devotion to Thee, Mother. Yet such is my weakness and ignorance that I turn away from Thee and pursue my ego; I turn away from gold which is within my easy reach and involve myself in misery in the mad pursuit of dross.

Draw me more and more to Thyself, Mother; one who has tasted the great joy of Thy love can never live apart and away from Thee. Always keep me full of Thyself so that I may fully get rid of my impurities and grow into Thy divine nature and Thy divine life.



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