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At the Feet of The Mother

Contact with the Kingdom of the Gods pp 27-28

Opening remarks
The Seer-king Aswapati now ascends to the higher planes. As he ascends, his sight and hearing acquire a new functioning. A heightening and greatening and deepening of these faculties takes place. He leaves the limits and boundaries of terrestrial nature, and enters the domain of the Gods, who preside over creation and its various aspects and functioning as powers of the One.

The spirit’s acolytes
A magical accord quickened and attuned
To ethereal symphonies the old earthy strings;
It raised the servitors of mind and life
To be happy partners in the soul’s response,
Tissue and nerve were turned to sensitive chords,
Records of lustre and ecstasy; it made
The body’s means the spirit’s acolytes.

Ordinarily, our senses blindly serve the mind and life. We are conditioned so to say to hear and see what our mind believes in and wants us to hear and see. But the action of the Higher Consciousness brings in an upliftment and a new working in the sensory apparatus itself. Our senses are attuned to truth and its rhythms, thereby becoming beautiful instruments of the soul. Our body, now a slave of the ego-self and desires, becomes a conscious instrument of the Spirit.

A heavenlier function with a finer mode
A heavenlier function with a finer mode
Lit with its grace man’s outward earthliness;
The soul’s experience of its deeper sheaths
No more slept drugged by Matter’s dominance.

Not only our mind and life condition the senses, but this gross material sheath makes our senses blunted and dull. The Higher Consciousness, however, releases the senses from this subjection to Matter and lifts them up to a higher mode of functioning.

Release from the ego-self
In the dead wall closing us from wider self,
Into a secrecy of apparent sleep,
The mystic tract beyond our waking thoughts,
A door parted, built in by Matter’s force,
Releasing things unseized by earthly sense:
A world unseen, unknown by outward mind
Appeared in the silent spaces of the soul.

As the soul wakes up to deeper and higher Realities, now concealed to our limited vision, a New and greater World begins to appear before us, a world missed by the gross senses and the earth-bound mind of man.

The luminous countries of the unborn
He sat in secret chambers looking out
Into the luminous countries of the unborn
Where all things dreamed by the mind are seen and true
And all that the life longs for is drawn close.

The seer-king Aswapati, released from subjection to the ego-sense and physical mind, now enters the borders of the Form and the Formless, from where one can catch a glimpse of the Unmanifest awaiting Its hour in Future Time.

Perfect in their starry homes
He saw the Perfect in their starry homes
Wearing the glory of a deathless form,
Lain in the arms of the Eternal’s peace,    (p 28 begins)
Rapt in the heart-beats of God-ecstasy.

In a few lines this beautifully describes Aswapati’s contact with the world of the Gods.

Likeness of a god
He lived in the mystic space where thought is born
And will is nursed by an ethereal Power
And fed on the white milk of the Eternal’s strengths
Till it grows into the likeness of a god.

The gods are so many powers and aspects of the One Divine. Dwelling upon those rare heights, where Knowledge is self-revealed and Will is moved by the Divine Power, Aswapati himself grows into the likeness of a god.

Windows of the inner sight
In the Witness’s occult rooms with mind-built walls
On hidden interiors, lurking passages
Opened the windows of the inner sight.

Instead of looking at things from below and through the surface vision, the seer-king Aswapati can now see them from Above and within. His inner sight is now released from the influences of the dividing mind.

The house of undivided Time
He owned the house of undivided Time.

The divisions that our mind creates between the past, present and the future ceased to be. His new found sight could now see the entire panorama as a single stream of Time.

Closing remarks
Thus Aswapati arrives on the higher planes, acquiring new powers and faculties and a more total vision of things. He grows into the stature of the gods and becomes himself a demi-god among men.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.