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At the Feet of The Mother

Control over Body and Realizing the Divine

Achieving control over body is a lifetime sadhana needing tremendous aspiration, sincerity, faith and surrender.

There are no easy to do steps and processes. One has to persist in one’s aspiration regardless of whatever time it takes and the difficulties one encounters.

It is a patient work and impatience, and tendency to have quick results means it is not a true seeking but the desire self that is pushing one into yoga.

As for Divine realization, it is not something to be achieved and acquired, but forming a living and conscious bond with a living Presence.

This bond is forged by turning to the Divine for everything, it is strengthened through remembrance of the Divine, and finally cemented by giving oneself to the Divine and His Work.

As an initial practice an everyday 20-30 minute Japa and striving to achieve equanimity in all situations and circumstances can be generally suggested.

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