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At the Feet of The Mother

Dealing with a Breakup in Relations

When someone has broken off from our life, we are naturally hurt because she (he) is no more there with us. But in reality all our friends and partners in whom we seek support and solace and love are simply poor substitutes of Him who is always with us, our true friend, ever ready to help us, responding to every call, answering every prayer, filing us always with joy and peace and love. Indeed He is the Divine who is always with us, nearer than anyone else. When we feel lonely we should simply turn to Him and ask Him to be with us. Make Him your friend, your permanent friend and partner of life and see how all loneliness will go.

So why does He allow this to happen, things such as break ups that give us so much pain? It is because He has better plans for us. Besides He knows that this very thing which is giving us so much happiness today may bring much pain. Hence sometimes He simply changes things, closes a door so that the dangerous road ahead is no more available to us. But before He does that, He has already opened a door for you through which He intends to take you. Trust in His leading and go confidently with full faith in His Grace. Of course when we insist and forcibly follow the path that is no more meant for us then He allows us to sometimes learn the lesson through hard, bitter experience. Yet even through all this He never leaves us but waits by our side so that He is available at the least call. He lets us grow in our own way and learn through failure and grow stronger and wiser through every fall. But if we trust Him completely then may be all this pain of life can be avoided and we can walk through a safe and sunlit zone.

So instead of falling into a pit of depression, or entering a blame game we just need to learn the lesson. Know that human relationships are fragile because we are all most of the time thinking only about ourselves. It is true for everyone, so nobody should feel alone in this kind of destiny. Yet we should never become pessimists and think that our life is meant to be like this forever. We should always aspire for beauty and light and love and harmony and be full of hope but keep Him at the centre and as the cause of all Hope.  And when we do so, we find our life changing miraculously shaped by His touch.

Surrender yourself completely in His Hands and say with all the sincerity of your heart that ‘You know best. I leave myself in your hands. Help me.’ And you will see that help will come, strength will come, wisdom will come, joy and peace will come and with all that your smile will return.

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