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At the Feet of The Mother

Dealing with Adverse Forces on the Path of Yoga (TE 171)

Any sincere practitioner of yoga knows that the journey of yoga is not a bed of roses. An ancient scripture speaks of it as ‘the razor’s edge’. True, the Grace is there as also many beautiful experiences on the way. But each stage and sometimes each step forward is marked by challenges thrown by the great ‘Adversary’ whose work it seems is to test the aspirant to a higher life. Therefore arises the need for balance and moderation, humility and vigilance, courage and sincerity, faith and endurance as one advances on the way.

Many are the forms these forces adverse and hostile to the yoga can take, some extremely deceptive in nature. Yet there are ways to detect them and keep them at arm’s length; to escape their snare and, if caught in their diabolic web, means to address the crisis.

There is a tendency to overlook this aspect of yoga or even deny their existence. While it is true that they need not be given more importance than it is due but their effect and the dangers they can create is very real. It is therefore good is one is well equipped to deal with them when the situation so arises. The present talk will be centered around this subject.

This is a re-post from April 2018. Now video has subtitles in German, kindly contributed by Funda Astel. Also, a beautifully made Auroville WIKI page offers full transcript of the talk and supplementary materials.

The continuation of this talk is a separately posted Questions and Answers Session.

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