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At the Feet of The Mother

Dealing with Corruption and Evil

The problem of corruption and evil is neither confined to our immediate neighborhood nor to a particular period of Time. While it is alright to find some immediate short-term solutions, we must not lose sight of the deeper reasons and radical remedies needed for this.

Yes we should speak up against evil. However, generally this courage is wanting because of the need to look after our own interests. It is a certain bourgeois mindset which hardly looks beyond its own concerns. There is of course also the fear of retaliation by ‘powerful’ persons who may be politically connected. Whether this is true or not, the evil-doers often capitalize on this fear. Generating fear is indeed one of the well-known strategy and instrument of the devil. Then there is also the tamas factor, an indifference and apathy towards everything except our own little survival. These and many other issues combine to create a ground for evil and evil-doers to thrive. When a large section of humanity lives in a state of such fear and tamas, and is driven by selfishness, then the politics and administration of the country becomes only a symbolic reflection of this sad state.

Therefore, the change if any must start with the individuals rather than wait for the political establishment and the legal system to root out evil and corruption from a nation. The question is how can the individual help? First and foremost, it is necessary to throw out fear and a self-seeking mindset. We often do not realize the power of a change in one’s mindset. A thought, even before it translates into action, has a power. It sends out signals and sets into motion forces in a particular direction. To replace indifference and fear with hope and courage is the first needed step.

Then one can start addressing the issue in a step by step manner.

Fortunately there are number of ways to address these issues today, from representing to the higher authorities and appropriate levels in the government to lodging complaints in the anti-corruption cell. Times are changing and in many instances it has been found that if one person raises his voice then things begin to change and the corrupt man goes on the defensive. Humanity as a whole is advancing but we need to raise our concerns and voices where they have to be addressed.

Yes at times things may be not as simple as that. Earthly life is far more complicated than a clear cut division into black and white. Evil and good are often intertwined. During such times it is best to practice an inner equanimity and offer one’s prayer to the Divine so that things change and better days come. If this prayer can be a collective one then it does have a rather quick effect, with many experiences to prove this. Obviously therein we reach our personal limits. This does not imply an either-or approach. One can and should do what still one can leaving the results completely in the hands of the Divine. What is however important is to remember that there is a Power beyond our knowings that can and does intervene to change things, but surely THAT cannot be commanded by anyone just because he/she is suddenly seized with the idea that things are not alright in their neighborhood. One has to live a life freed from egoistic and selfish personal interests to be able to come in contact with That Power. Those who live dedicating their life to the Divine and His Service have no such fear and they experience the intervention of That Power more and more in their life and in things around them.

There are not many who are ready for that. We all want things to change so that we can continue with our little interests and comforts. Most chose to live for themselves and therefore their life remains full of misery and fear. For the misery we experience and the fears we encounter is in direct proportion to the narrowness and smallness of our consciousness. This itself depends a lot upon the aim we place before ourselves. It is our fears, the inner monster that feed the monster outside us. The more we widen and lean upon the greater Consciousness, upon the Grace, the more secure we feel; a feeling that is justified with numerous experiences. Unfortunately we are taught since childhood that we must live to safeguard our own little interests and that is what will make our life secure and happy. But this is to put the cart before the horse. Security comes from within and the more we live for something greater and higher and nobler, the more secure we feel and become.

However we must know that the roots of evil lie much deeper. To eradicate it from the very roots requires a radical change of consciousness, individually and collectively. Meanwhile, we can work towards an individual transformation through an integral yoga since, in the last analysis, changing ourselves is the first concrete step towards changing the world.

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