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At the Feet of The Mother

Dealing with the World in Crisis

The world situation can be overwhelming. But instead of looking at events and circumstances just as something negative or positive we need to see the play of forces that are working from behind to prepare the earth and humanity for a higher manifestation.

We can look upon all these things as a cleansing and a clearing of the countless subconscious imprints upon mankind so that we can be eventually purified of the ills we have nurtured and harboured for long. In fact we have entered a new Age of Truth but before a higher truth can manifest itself we shall witness a destruction of the old, at least of all that refuses to change. The Age of Justice and balance must come tilting the lop-sided scales and when the shadows from the past are illuminated and dissolved, we shall be fully ready for the future. 

We can pray for harmony and peace but this time the Peace and Harmony will not come by an uneasy compromise and adjustment but either by a mutual understanding through inner change or by a clear and decisive victory of Truth over falsehood, of Good over evil and Beauty over ugliness. Most importantly we should stand firmly with Truth, – truth in thought and feeling and will and action. By living a life of truth we automatically facilitate its advent and manifestation everywhere else in humanity.

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