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At the Feet of The Mother

Destiny and the Psychic Poise (TH 064)


We want things for the sake of ego. When instead of ego we offer all the work and ourselves to the Divine, then it opens the doors to the soul and leads us towards a mastery of the forces that organise our Fate. Destiny is not fixed. There are many layers of destiny intertwined with each other that weave our Fate. It is a complex matter but we can still have a choice.  Ultimately destiny comes to help us towards fulfillment of our inner being. When our choice is tuned with the Divine Will within us then we follow the curve of our true Destiny. But when we live for the ego then this same Destiny talks a rather tortuous path. There are national Destinies also. Then, in response to a question the talk turns towards a discussion on man and woman relation, celibacy, higher life etc and how they can complement each other.

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