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At the Feet of The Mother

Difficulties and Obstacles

All difficulties and obstacles can be so used as to be of great help to us in our sadhana. We are tested by difficulties, they point out the defects and imperfections in us; they rouse us from the inert passivity and lethargy into which we are constantly apt to fall; they exercise and strengthen the powers of self-conquest in us.

If our work brings failure or disaster on us, we have only to thank ourselves; for the Divine Mother is always there to help us, to guide us, and it is entirely our own fault if we turn away from her and obey our egoistic whims and desires.

If we suffer from doubts and misgivings, we can be sure that there are still obscure and dark comers in us, where the divine light has not been brought in, and we should open these more and more to the Divine Mother.

If we ever feel dull or dry, if sorrow or misery overtake us, we can be sure that there are still parts in us which hanker after the lower joys of life, and thus, cut us off from the perennial stream of ananda that is flowing all around us.

Thus, our difficulties and obstacles are our great aids; they can always be utilised as stepping stones in our upward march, and they are often intended to be such by our Divine Friend and Guide, by the kind and graceful Mother.

* * *

One of the first things necessary in our sadhana is that we must have absolutely no anxiety, no fear. Thou hast decided to give us a higher life, Mother; there is nothing which can stand against Thy will.

Very little we know of Thy powers, Mother; very little of Thyself Thou hast shown to us. But the little that has been revealed to us has filled our heart with wonder, gratitude, and unassailable faith and hope. Whatever be the dangers and difficulties that may come upon us, we are always assured of Thy divine protection. Whatever be the trials and failures through which we may have to pass, we know that they will only help us to go forward. Thou hast given us sufficient light to know our path; Thou hast given us a taste of Thy divine love, which will sustain us in our onward march, however difficult and strenuous it may be.

Our progress is limited only by our defect in faith and reliance on Thee. The more I succeed in emptying myself of all thoughts and desires, the more Thou fillest me with Thy own self; the more I give up my own initiative and efforts, the more Thou takest up all my work in Thy own way. We need have absolutely no anxiety, no fear; we have only to perfect our faith and reliance on Thee, Mother.

* * *

Through the touch of Thy grace, Mother, difficulties turn into opportunities, and the very obstacles and defects in our nature turn into aids and virtues.

The inertia of our nature is a great obstacle to our progress; but by sincere aspiration this inertia is turned into deep peace and firmness, established in which we can remain undisturbed by all events and circumstances in life, and can refuse to be moved by anything else but a direct impulse from Thyself.

The hankering in our nature for activity and struggle is a great obstacle to our progress; but by the touch of Thy grace, it turns into strength of will and alertness and a determination to conquer absolutely all defects, all falsehood in our nature.

The movements of our thought and reasoning are a great obstacle to our progress and hide the Truth from us; but when dedicated to Thy service, they serve as a test, as a solvent which will continually help us to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

Thus, if we can sincerely dedicate all our powers and activities to Thy service and turn our whole being towards Thyself, Mother, all our defects will turn into virtues, all obstacles into aids.



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