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At the Feet of The Mother

Disease as a Disorder to be Set Right

What really is disease? We define it with symptoms, pathogen and pathology, its expected course which we have arrived at by thorough observation, analysis of data and the graph of statistics. Once we decide upon this, we start calling it real. With this new-found reality the disease is imprinted upon our mind. Once imprinted and further strengthened by ‘authoritative voices’ our body systems that are triggered in ways that the mind has already been tuned to believe in. Thus diseases multiply and so do the numbers king us down the slope of a vicious downward fall into abysses of despair and fear where death awaits us with its scornful laughter. Fed by our fears and belief it grows fatter and stronger with a wish to prolong its reign earth and hold man captive in its dragnet of perpetual fear.

Yet there is a way out of this whirlpool that is ever sucking us downwards. It is to look upon diseases not through the lens of their fanciful and frightful names that build a certain state within our mind leading to a self-fulfilling prophesy, but simply as a disorder that needs to be set right. Disease is very simply a disharmony, a disorder. Its agents are not micro-organisms and other such agents, which are everywhere anyways, but forces of disorder and disintegration and disharmony that upset the normal rhythm and balance of life. The remedy therefore is to get back the rhythm and the balance, to call in the forces of harmony and order. Just as there are forces of disintegration and disorder so too there are forces of integration and harmony to which we can have an access. Foremost among them and perhaps the easiest to access is Peace. Peace is not what people usually think. We often think of it as a state of inertia. But Peace is a power. It can calm down the disintegrating forces that soon leave if the ground is not favourable for them. Disintegration acts best when we are restless and agitated. An agitated state whether it be the outcome of anger or fear or some other excitement, tends to easily disturb the balance of life and is most conducive to disorder and chaos. On the other hand, Peace builds up confidence. Quietude realigns us towards harmony and balance.  Calm and stillness are the greatest of strengths and one who has them is nearly invincible.

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