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At the Feet of The Mother

Divine Grace

I am my own worst enemy, Mother; no one can help me unless I help myself. Thy Grace is always there to respond to a sincere and earnest call; it can work wonders in us, but it will not act unless the full support of our own will be forthcoming.

Hostile forces lie in wait all around us; the more they are rejected the more insistent they become; driven from the front door they seek to enter by the back; they know only too well all our defects and points of weakness and are always prompt to take advantage of them; they come in all guises and with all gifts and promises acceptable to us. They can overtake the most vigilant, and one can never be wholly safe from their attack, unless and until he is fully changed and transformed.

But they cannot hide their falsehood before sincere seeking and aspiration; they cannot bear the light of truth; they cannot stand before resolute will. The divine Grace is always there to protect those who sincerely seek its protection.

Thou knowest fully all my defects and weaknesses, Mother; I have taken my absolute refuge in Thee; if Thou do not bear with me in patience and save me from my own ignorance and weakness, to whom shall I turn? Save Thy child, Mother, give me more light, give more strength to my will, support me with Thy Grace while I sincerely try to keep my temple clean and pure for Thy abiding presence.

* * *

We ourselves cannot change our nature and rise to the divine life. We keep in check the lower movements in us; we can replace one movement by another, but we cannot annihilate nor effectively transform them. Only the power of the Divine descending from above can effect the transformation.

The Divine is always pressing on us from above and urging us from below; but until we can consciously and voluntarily surrender ourselves to it, it cannot take up the work of transformation in us. On the one hand, our physical nature does not believe in higher possibilities and it obstinately resists all attempts at change and transformation; on the other hand, the forces of falsehood and darkness easily find an opening in us and keep us under their sway. Thus, the divine power cannot work in us and we seem to be hopelessly involved in the lower life.

But once we have the will to be transformed, at once the Divine finds a chance in us. We cannot ourselves change the nature of the different parts of our being, but we can make them consent to be changed and submit to the working of the divine power. We cannot ourselves conquer the hostile forces, but we can resolutely refuse to invite them or tolerate them; we cannot remove our darkness, but we can call the divine light to illumine us; we cannot raise ourselves, but we can constantly, sincerely aspire to rise. When we shall fulfil these conditions, the highest Divine Grace will descend and conquering all our defects and obstacles will raise us to the life divine.

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