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At the Feet of The Mother

Divine Help

Wonderful are the ways of divine help and guidance, Mother, never failing, never asking for anything in return, with infinite patiencealways ready to forgive and uplift.

When we think that we have lost all, actually we gain all; when we think that we have made ourselves utterly helpless, we find the greatest possible help; when we give up all our old props and supports in response to the divine call, we find the Divine coming forward to hold and support us. Never will one have to suffer by following the Divine in life.

Often the path lies through thorns, but they are of our own making. We have formed and bound ourselves in such a manner that the divine Will cannot work in us for our good without breaking those forms and tearing asunder those bonds. The Divine opposes and baffles us only when we would go downward. And when we can place our entire reliance on the Divine, the shock and the pain becomes the least and soon turns into an ingredient of intense joy. Those who sincerely follow the Divine can have no real suffering in life.

Wonderful is the manner in which Thou art shaping us into divinity, Mother, with infinite love and power and wisdom. The little that we can know and appreciate of Thy ways with us makes us full of wonder and gratitude and firmly establishes us in faith and surrender and aspiration.

* * *

I have no excuse, Mother, to go against Thy will. With reference to me Thou canst have no will, no command which is beyond my knowledge to see or beyond my power to follow. Thy will is always on the side of the right, the good, the true, and the beautiful; I can always know it if I keep myself open and alert, and can always follow it if I seek the aid of Thy force. Any conflict that arises in me against Thy will, however small or insignificant, shows the defect of my surrender and the perversion of my ego.

I have no excuse to be fidgety or restless. There is no situation in life out of which there is no way. I have only to wait in silence, and everything will be done for me at the right moment and in the right way. If I do not do this, that only shows the defect of my faith and the dependence on my ego.

I have no excuse to allow any lower movement to continue in me. I have only to dissociate myself from it and offer it to Thee, and it will inevitably be conquered and controlled. If I do not do this, that only shows the defect of my aspiration and the continued attachment to my lower life.

Thou art always there with outstretched hands, ever ready to help me, to protect me, to embrace me in Thy infinite love. If I do not turn towards Thee, that is solely my own weakness, my own fault. Yet Thou dost never forsake me, Mother, such is Thy grace and love; and therein lies my hope of salvation.

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