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At the Feet of The Mother

Does the Mother know us, and what should be our relationship?

It has always been known in mystic lore that one thinks of the Divine only when the Divine thinks of the person. Of course ‘thinks’ here is a way of saying but it is true that we can think of the Divine, including raising this question only indicates that some point of contact has already been formed between you and the Divine Mother. Ordinarily this contact is only indirect through the veils of nature. But the moment some kind of a conscious seeking begins it is itself a sign that the human soul has evolved to a point whereby it is beginning to peep through the flesh and reaching out to the touch of the Divine because the Divine has whispered to her.

“He who chooses the Infinite has been chosen by the Infinite. He has received the divine touch without which there is no awakening, no opening of the spirit; but once it is received, attainment is sure, whether conquered swiftly in the course of one human life or pursued patiently through many stadia of the cycle of existence in the manifested universe.” [The Synthesis of Yoga]

As to knowing us, She surely knows us much better than we do ourselves, otherwise She would not be who She is. We may have come to know the teaching now since the readiness is there but be rest assured that She has been preparing us through all this. Regarding the nature of relationship it depends upon us or rather how the soul feels and the Divine sanctions. The most direct and simplest and natural is to feel as a child with a mother, but a mother with whom one can share everything and ask everything. There are other relations too such as that of the Master and disciple, of the Teacher and student, of the Friend and playmate and above all of the Divine Beloved whom one discloses one’s secret heart and shares anything and everything without fear of being judged and with the assurance that one will be always loved unconditionally. Here is a beautiful aphorism of Sri Aurobindo revealing the many-sided truth of human relationship with the Divine.

“Discipleship to God the Teacher, sonship to God the Father, tenderness of God the Mother, clasp of the hand of the divine Friend, laughter and sport with our Comrade and boy Playfellow, blissful servitude to God the Master, rapturous love of our divine Paramour, these are the seven beatitudes of life in the human body. Canst thou unite all these in a single supreme and rainbow hued relation? Then hast thou no need of any heaven and thou exceedest the emancipation of the Adwaitin.”

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