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At the Feet of The Mother

Doors of infinity, p. 554

Opening Remarks
The doors of infinity open for Savitri as she enters deeper and deeper into the Void that she had become.

Wide spiritual space
But now the unmoving wide spiritual space
In which her mind survived tranquil and bare,
Admitted a traveller from the cosmic breadths:
A thought came through draped as an outer voice.

Her being had become a wide spiritual space in which her mind was bare and tranquil admitting a thought from the cosmic dimensions assuming form of her voice and speech.

Spread into infinity
It called not for the witness of the mind,
It spoke not to the hushed receiving heart;
It came direct to the pure perception’s seat,
An only centre now of consciousness,
If centre could be where all seemed only space;
No more shut in by body’s walls and gates
Her being, a circle without circumference,
Already now surpassed all cosmic bounds
And more and more spread into infinity.

These thoughts that sailed into her did not come through the witness mind or the hushed heart but came directly to the seat of pure perception. She seemed now a centre of vast consciousness hat was not more limited or confined by the walls of body and gates. Her being was now a circle without circumference as if ever expanding and surpassing all cosmic bounds, spreading more and more into infinity.

Motionless and Illimitable
This being was its own unbounded world,
A world without form or feature or circumstance;
It had no ground, no wall, no roof of thought,
Yet saw itself and looked on all around
In a silence motionless and illimitable.

Her being was a world beyond limits without any form or features or conditions. She had become one with the bare formless featureless essence without any ground or wall or roof and limits of mind and thought. Wherever she turned her gaze she saw herself in a motionless and illimitable all-pervading Silence.

There was no person
There was no person there, no centred mind,
No seat of feeling on which beat events
Or objects wrought and shaped reaction’s stress.

There was no person and no mind to think or feel on which events could play nor objects to evoke reaction.

Still infinity
There was no motion in this inner world,
All was a still and even infinity.

There was no motion within. All was a still and even infinity.

The Unseen, the Unknown
In her the Unseen, the Unknown waited his hour.

In her the Unseen and the Unknown waited for its moment.

Closing Remarks
Thus was it for a while with Savitri. The doors of infinity had opened for her.

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