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At the Feet of The Mother

Doors to the Supramental Sun, pp. 671-672 (SH 330)

Today we touch upon the first few passages from Book 11.

BOOK ELEVEN The Book of Everlasting Day
CANTO ONE The Eternal Day: The Soul’s Choice and the Supreme Consummation

A marvellous sun looked down from ecstasy’s skies
On worlds of deathless bliss, perfection’s home,
Magical unfoldings of the Eternal’s smile
Capturing his secret heart-beats of delight.

God’s everlasting day surrounded her,
Domains appeared of sempiternal light
Invading all Nature with the Absolute’s joy.

Her body quivered with eternity’s touch,
Her soul stood close to the founts of the infinite.

Infinity’s finite fronts she lived in, new
For ever to an everliving sight.

Eternity multiplied its vast self-look
Translating its endless mightiness and joy
Into delight souls playing with Time could share
In grandeurs ever new-born from the unknown depths,
In powers that leaped immortal from unknown heights,
In passionate heart-beats of an undying love,
In scenes of a sweetness that can never fade.

Immortal to the rapturous heart and eyes,
In serene arches of translucent calm
From Wonder’s dream-vasts cloudless skies slid down
An abyss of sapphire; sunlight visited eyes
Which suffered without pain the absolute ray
And saw immortal clarities of form.

Twilight and mist were exiles from that air,
Night was impossible to such radiant heavens.

Firm in the bosom of immensity
Spiritual breadths were seen, sublimely born
From a still beauty of creative joy;
Embodied thoughts to sweet dimensions held[p.671]
To please some carelessness of divine peace,
Answered the deep demand of an infinite sense
And its need of forms to house its bodiless thrill.

A march of universal powers in Time,
The harmonic order of self’s vastitudes
In cyclic symmetries and metric planes
Harboured a cosmic rapture’s revelry,
An endless figuring of the spirit in things
Planned by the artist who has dreamed the worlds;
Of all the beauty and the marvel here,
Of all Time’s intricate variety
Eternity was the substance and the source;
Not from a plastic mist of Matter made,
They offered the suggestion of their depths
And opened the great series of their powers.

(Savitri, pp. 671 – 672)

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