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At the Feet of The Mother

Dousing the Destructive Fire

When our house is on fire, the first thing we do is to try dousing the fire and taking out the most precious goods and documents that we cannot afford to lose. We also make sure that inflammable things that will increase the fire beyond control are removed from the site. A disease is like a fire that is destroying the body. It is in fact the fire of life itself that having not been tended properly has turned against the owner and is now destroying the house that sheltered it. Death is nothing else but the other side of life. Disease is nothing else but life that has been left unattended.

The first thing necessary therefore is to douse the fire. This can be done if we know how to bring in the power of Peace within the body. And if we do not know it since we ever paid attention to it still we can get it by connecting our lifeline to the very source of all Peace. This source is the Divine Presence in man and the way of connecting it is prayer that arises spontaneously from the depths of our heart. Connecting to this Divine Presence does not need that we should be in some special place or in the presence of a priest or subscribe to some religious belief or cult doctrine. The Divine Presence does not care about all this. All that is needed is a genuine call in whatever way and by whatever name and whatever form we may conceive of Him. He listens and comes and intervenes and changes the fixed course of destiny.

What about the prayer? We have so many prayers, some short, some long in different languages of the world. Which one does He respond to fastest? Well He responds best to the prayer that is our prayer, the prayer that arises spontaneously on a crest of emotions and carries within it the deep cry of our entire being. It is the prayer which is like a wordless hymn climbing on wide and strong wings to the very highest seats where the scroll of Destiny is set into motion. Such a prayer changes the word of destiny and can even rewrite it.

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