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At the Feet of The Mother

Some Dreams of the Higher Planes

A dream: There was a small dog that wanted to take revenge on me, I don’t know why. I had to run away from it in order to save myself. But it always pursued me, no matter where I fled and how. At last I escaped to a place which seemed like a highest room, and heaved a sigh of relief that the dog would never attempt to follow me here. But alas! After a while it did appear before me. But what a wonder! I perceived that all its anger had vanished! It simply bowed down before me.

This dream may be perhaps interesting.

It may be symbolic.

The dog is here something of the physical, adverse or injurious until one rises up to the highest part of the being when it gets transformed and becomes friendly and helpful.

Romen, Shanti, Jyoti and myself climbed to a high hill. There was a beautiful bungalow and garden on the summit. We were enjoying the place. Within a short time, Jyoti became impatient and insisted on going down immediately. In spite of our unwillingness we had to lead her down. Any meaning in this?

Probably that she cannot remain long on a high experience but comes down into the ordinary consciousness.

In a dream of mine, the Mother told Shanti, Romen and myself to go to her abode. It was at some distance. The Mother had shown us a particular passage which alone could be used. But it was full of dangers. There was a long and slippery slope. At the centre lay a narrow and crooked path of not more than nine inches breadth! A slight wrong step from the centre and there was water below to swallow us up! However, by the Mother’s grace we three crossed all that and arrived at a certain safe place. And yet we had not reached the destination (somehow in the dream itself we had thought: “How can we hope to attain the goal so easily?”). Afterwards the Mother appeared and told us, “Why did you not journey forward? My abode was just a few steps farther. You ought not to be so discouraged once on the way.” What meaning does this dream have?

It is indicated in the dream itself.

A dream during my noon nap: I saw an earthen pot of just an ordinary kind. But it was beautifully decorated. The pot was so manufactured that its upper half could be taken up without disturbing the lower half. The upper lid consisted of eight parts, and each one could be separated. This whole vision appeared as clearly as a cinema film. Later some writing surged up, which was deciphered as: “Those eight parts are the openings of eight Goddesses. Each part of the lid will open and a woman will emerge from it.” Does the dream mean anything?

It may — the pot may be the symbol of the being, with its upper and lower parts and the eight divisions (physical, vital, psychic, mental, Supermind and Sachchidananda parts — or else more probably higher mental, intuitive, overmind and supramental). Each has its own Shakti to manifest.

A dream of last night: I was going towards the sea with some people. When we reached the shore we saw several boats just started on a voyage. Almost all the boats were new and very beautiful. They seemed to be constructed in quite a different design than what we find in this world. I felt as if not only the travellers were very gay and cheerful but also that even the boats themselves were manifesting joy and felicity! I could not quite make out the exact meaning of the happy and cheerful boats and the voyagers.

A happy movement of the sadhana without depressions and obstacles.

Some time after seeing the above dream, a voice was not only heard but felt as an experience, “A Light is dawning on the lower vital (for transformation) and we can sleep no longer.” The voice awoke me at once and I felt profoundly that most of my lower vital difficulties had been ended by the Mother during the night — and then I felt myself free and full of delight and as if a thing like the lower vital existed no longer in my being!

It was at about 2.30 a.m. that I was roused from sleep. And yet I was so full of joy that more sleep was not necessary. The pure Atman consciousness which I had experienced before during fragmentary periods and only if I had first entered into a pure blankness, became now as spontaneous as peace!

Doubtless, all that shows a sudden and marvellous change in my being and also that the Mother has done it very consciously and precisely during the sleep.

It is a very good experience, especially as coming in a dream such experiences have power on the subconscient.

From where did that voice come?

Such voices come usually either from within oneself or from some higher plane.

(Meaning of “sleep no longer”): “Be tamasic and negligent about sadhana no longer.”

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.