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At the Feet of The Mother


In a dream I came across the flower plant named by the Mother ‘Supramental Plasticity’ (Marigold in orange colour). I plucked one flower and put it in my mouth. Strange to say, it tasted sweet. Actually this kind of flower is not tasty. Next morning when I went for Blessings, the Mother offered me the same flower in the same colour. Do you think this means something for me?

I suppose it simply meant that you were absorbing a force of plasticity.

During last night’s dream I brought home some mud for the garden. After the work was over there was a little surplus which I put in a basket and left in a corner. Then I went in and lay down on my bed. Suddenly I saw a small thin serpent running out from my head. How do you explain it?

Probably some small vital forces brought in by the uncleanness.

Which uncleanness do you mean here?

The uncleanness entered in the dream by the keeping of the basket with mud in it. It was symbolic of some tamas and want of cleanliness in the consciousness.

Shanti was flying a kite in my dream. It got stuck in a window of a big bungalow. Our elder brother, who was standing there, told Shanti: “Unless you fulfil my conditions I will not loosen your kite.” Shanti was perplexed and did not know what to do. I, who was just behind him, showed some trick, so Shanti pulled the thread connecting the kite in such a way that the kite got freed by itself. It then began to fly as easily as before. All that took place in a moment, before our elder brother could make out anything.

The elder brother is some part of the physical Nature and the kite is Shanti’s aspiration that got stuck.

How to understand that dream about helping Shanti? In reality we do not even discuss each other’s sadhana.

It may have only represented a will on the vital plane to help him.

In yesterday’s dream-experience, I plucked five flowers, three in a bunch and two loose of ‘The Supramental Light in the subconscient’ (Copossandra). In the dream all other things, like the background, plants and the rest, were as if non-existent. The whole scene seemed to have been created for me only to pluck the flowers. But how could it be true of the supramental light descending into my subconscient?

You were doing it on the supraphysical plane for a future effect.

Yesterday’s dream: A monkey threw something at me thrice and I caught it well all the three times. But my attention was fixed on the eyes of the animal and therefore I did not know what it gave me. Maybe it was grace rather than any material thing it bestowed on me.

The monkey may have been of the Hanuman type — Hanuman is a symbol of Shakti and devotion.

My sleep consciousness seems to be much influenced by the lower forces. Last night, during sleep they took me to my native place Bhavnagar. I found myself among my relatives. But I told them, “I cannot stay here. Nothing here interests me. I must go back to Pondicherry.” This proves that my inner being, though veiled during the present difficult period, is as firm in its enterprise as ever.

That is clear and it is very good.

I was travelling with a friend when we saw two boys as we were passing a tree full of mangoes. We collected some of the fallen mangoes. Seeing that, both the boys got angry and ran after us. My friend was overpowered by one boy while I ran away. But the other boy pursued me till the end of the dream, though several times I caught him and beat him. Later on I was dead-tired and did not remember what happened afterwards.

The boy obviously represents some lower force and it is some weakness in the being (indicated by running away) that allows him to trouble you.

The running away is the drawing back and allowing it to gain more and more ground — not facing and destroying it.

With the Mothers Grace, during today’s dream I have been able to do what you had wanted. A witch in the form of a very beautiful maiden was going down a street. People, especially young boys and girls, were running and hiding themselves in their houses on hearing about her coming. Her influence was believed to be so evil that a mere glance from her could kill. To save myself I too was running around during the whole night-long dream. But she followed me madly. Then I resolved to fight, and simply kicked her down!

That is what should always be done. Running away is useless.

While washing the big flower-vase of the Reception Room, one part fell from my hands and it broke. This particular work I do every day. So may I take this dream as prophetic?

One sees many things like that which are not necessarily prophetic (rarely they are), but only suggestions, formations etc. on the vital plane.

The Mother came into a large room, where her children were assembled for the Pranam. On this day she decided to do something different from what she was doing daily; she first asked some of us to retire from the room. Afterwards she and I met at some other place. “My son,” she said, “there was some special reason for my asking you to go out of that room.” O Lord, what a love I felt for her then; such a love I have never experienced in the waking state. It was like a separated child meeting his mother after many years. There was a sweetness even in her hand which I was holding and pressing to my heart. Then she said, “My child, I want to tell you a most secret thing. So come with me to a solitary room.” While going to another place I left behind something which I had been holding in my hand. We both entered a small secluded room. She had something of metal in her hands which she arranged in such a way that it expressed: “My son, I am going to bring down into you the Divine Truth within the shortest possible time.” There were two more metallic pieces on which also there was some clear writing, but as it was in a foreign language I could not read it. This whole dream was so precise, clear and living that it still stands out vividly before my eyes. What do you say about this dream?

There is always some truth behind such dream experiences.

The Mother was seen seated on a royal throne and the Pranam ceremony was proceeding. All of a sudden an unknown man entered. Immediately he began to complain to her that she was partial and that he could not bear it. When asked to leave the Pranam Hall he did not obey. So she ordered the watchman and some sadhaks to force him out. But before they could do it he escaped. They pursued him, overpowered him and returned victorious.

Evidently he stands for the Force that is always suggesting to the sadhaks that Mother is human and full of defects.

Two little girls were on a journey. When nearing their mother’s house they were attacked by people who began throwing stones at them. However they reached their destination quite safely.

I sent you the above dream yesterday but you did not comment on it. So I presume you want me to interpret it myself. Well, I shall attempt it. The two little girls represent my psychic being and my self or spirit. Marching from the world of strife and struggle, darkness and falsehood, they were going back to their Mother-Soul. People’s stone-throwing may indicate the resistance of the earth-nature. But nothing can touch those who are guarded by the Mother’s Grace on the way. When the girls were near to their goal something from above fell on one of them. That something could be taken as a crown upon the one representing the self. For my psychic being is as yet behind the progress of my self. Well?

It may very well be the true interpretation.

While waking from sleep, it was found that between the waking and dream states there have been more thoughts than actions and happenings.

Your sentence is very vague. If you mean that there were more thoughts than happenings that is quite natural in a state in which the mind has already begun to work but is not yet turned on outward things.

In the dream S and I went to a shop. Just outside the shop a carriage stood with three horses. Inside the shop also we noticed two similar carriages. But those were not real, only painted on some big pots.

In real life, we never come across a carriage with three horses. It is either one or two or more but always in pairs.

My mind interprets the dream thus: The one carriage outside the shop may mean one of the three higher planes already in manifestation and in full dynamism. The other two carriages which are not real, only pictured, indicate the last two highest planes yet to project themselves, that is to say, to descend.

Now the carriage (with three horses) may be taken as the psychic being which controls and guides the three lower powers (horses) of my nature, mind, vital and physical.

What do you say?

It may be, but why a shop? And which three higher planes?

It is rather myself who wanted to ask you the above questions!

You spoke of the three higher planes. I simply wanted to know what planes you meant.

As there were three carriages my mind interpreted them as three planes.

But you say that one of the carriages is the psychic. That is not one of the higher planes. The higher planes are the higher mind, illumined, intuitive, overmind, supermind. The psychic, mind, vital, physical belong to the ordinary manifestation.

I am afraid my interpretation of the carriage with three horses as the psychic and the triple lower being was not true.

It may be true. But all the details are not clear.

Here I send you three dreams. I had them one after another last night.

The first one: The morning Pranam ceremony was going on. A visitor had already been to the Mother and received her Blessings. At the end of the function he demanded a second Pranam. As even the Ashramites are not permitted twice, he was refused. Neglecting the Mother’s command he approached her to satisfy his desire. So she got up from her seat and gave him a slap. This slap made such a profound change burst within him that he immediately realised his mistake. Consequently as a self-punishment he slapped himself!

The second: The Mother talked with me about the flowers of Tenderness of the Divine (Aloe Vera) which I had offered to her. She admired them and inquired if I had some more. I replied, “I have offered all I had.”

The last one: At the end of the second dream the Mother, with some of us, went upstairs. Leaving us in her room she went to another room and brought some big and some small packets. A small packet was presented to each of the three persons, while two big ones were given to me.

What type of dreams are these?

These are small dream-experiences on the vital planes; it is often difficult to find out the precise symbolic significance of the details.

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