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At the Feet of The Mother

Earth and the Higher Worlds, pp. 108-109

Opening Remarks
The higher Worlds are concealed within matter as states of Consciousness. They are the secret cause of our striving towards perfection and the sudden efflorescence of marvels upon earthly life.

Mighty kinship
A mighty kinship is this daring’s cause.

The adventure of evolution taking place upon earth is due to its affinity with higher worlds that have plunged into its depths.

Pure idea and firm inviolate type
All we attempt in this imperfect world,
Looks forward or looks back beyond Time’s gloss
To its pure idea and firm inviolate type
In an absolute creation’s flawless skill.

The secret of earthly creations cannot be found simply by analysing the mud out of which everything seems to emerge, but by discovering its hidden spiritual core. Earth simply tries to create what exists in its true form and inner sense in the higher planes of consciousness. By doing so it is trying to bring out something of these higher truths that are buried within its depths, including memories of past efforts and attempts to thus create.

The law of all perfection here
To seize the absolute in shapes that pass,
To fix the eternal’s touch in time-made things,
This is the law of all perfection here.

That is why there is this incessant urge for perfection through a slow and long labour of evolution. Earth is a special formation that has been built with the very purpose of manifesting the highest Divine truths on the basis of matter. In the process it evolves from one level of perfection to another. Each level tries to express and fix in earthly forms some degree of the Divine Reality hidden within its core.

A fragment of heaven’s design
A fragment here is caught of heaven’s design;
Else could we never hope for greater life
And ecstasy and glory could not be.

But the higher perfection, the greater divine perfection is yet to come. What it has achieved uptil now is some fragmentary here and there of the Glory towards which she aspires.

Vessels of creative might
Even in the littleness of our mortal state,
Even in this prison-house of outer form,
A brilliant passage for the infallible Flame
Is driven through gross walls of nerve and brain,
A Splendour presses or a Power breaks through,
Earth’s great dull barrier is removed awhile,
The inconscient seal is lifted from our eyes
And we grow vessels of creative might.

Yet even now, in this fragile clay and mud of which its creations are built there is an opening and a receptivity to higher states that allows for wonder and beauty to express itself. From time to time our earthly bodies are seized and filled or suffused with a greater Light and Power that we experience the splendour and breath of divinity in transient things.

Divine surprise
The enthusiasm of a divine surprise
Pervades our life, a mystic stir is felt,
A joyful anguish trembles in our limbs;
A dream of beauty dances through the heart,
A thought from the eternal Mind draws near,
Intimations cast from the Invisible
Awaking from Infinity’s sleep come down,
Symbols of That which never yet was made.

Even in our fallen earthly state we can feel the touch of the Divine and experience uplifted states aspiring towards heavenly heights. The joy and ideas come down from higher worlds and surprises our heart and mind and fills our thoughts and will. So will it be until the very Highest state possible can be expressed and manifested here.

Closing Remarks
The secret of earthly evolution lies in what is hidden in it. There are higher possibilities in matter that are embedded like dreams to unfold with time. The Divine Perfection is always there on our heights of being and our deepest depths. But to bring it out in symbols of names and forms is the labour of love undertaken by earth.

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