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At the Feet of The Mother

Ekattva (Oneness) (TH 140)

Man should unite within himself before he can think of human unity. There have been failed attempts in the past to create an ideal society based on unity (Ekattva). Ekattva is the fundamental truth of the New Creation. Everything is contained in everything, and everything is of the Divine. As an illustration of the principle of Ekattva, the speaker narrates the story of Shikhidhwaja and Chudala, and also the story of Yajnavalkya. Ekattva is a far-off goal till one has bheda-drishti (separative seeing). Bheda-drishti is the basis of the old creation. Even if one goes into seclusion, he cannot cut himself off from the world because individual nature is a part of the Universal Nature. 

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