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At the Feet of The Mother

Emergence of the True Vital Being

Once I had a fear that if the vital aspired it would break the body (because of its powerful intensity). Now I see that it was an imaginary fear. The intensity of its aspiration is such that it carries away in its momentum even my tamasic physical! Consequently my breathing becomes more rapid. And my body feels an extra energy in all its movements.

It is good there should be the energy — vital aspiration always brings energy. But the rapid breathing is not necessary, though it sometimes takes place.

When I feel the vital aspiration, is it my psychic being which projects out into the vital and either itself aspires or makes the vital aspire?

It may also be the vital itself that aspires.

When the vital cooperates, are its aspirations always so intense, deep and full of power?

Not always — but the participation of the vital does usually help to bring a greater force and intensity.

I noticed my vital rising to my head — as if to aspire and go upward. What was it that really happened?

The vital can rise to the head in two ways — one to cloud the mind with the vital impulses, the other to aspire and join with the higher consciousness. If you noticed the aspiration, it was evidently the latter movement.

The ascending movement is often felt. What does the vital do in joining with the higher consciousness?

It comes under its influence first — afterwards it develops into the true vital, which is an extension of the higher consciousness.

By this time, I feel my vital tranquillised, pure, empty of ordinary movements. All this to some extent, and waiting for the descent of the higher consciousness to transform it still more. Is it quite so?

There is no reason to suppose your feeling is not correct. It has to remain like that.

If my above statement is correct, does that mean that my vital is psychicised?

It is under the psychic influence.

Up to now I had to deal only with the mind, vital and physical. But today I found for the first time that my heart took certain things very deeply. I don’t know how to keep it under the psychic control?

The heart is part of the vital — it has to be controlled in the same way as the rest, by rejection of the wrong movements, by acceptance of the true psychic surrender which prevents all demand and clamour, by calling in the higher light and knowledge.

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