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At the Feet of The Mother

Empire of the Sun, pp. 301-302. Closing Remarks for the Canto.

Opening Remarks
The highest layer of the Overmind is the borderline crossing which one would enter the supramental realm. That is where Aswapati has reached now.

Luminous silence
A great luminous silence whispered to his heart;
His knowledge an inview caught unfathomable,
An outview by no brief horizons cut:
He thought and felt in all, his gaze had power.

It is a luminous silence in which Aswapati has entered. His knowledge has grown unfathomable and all-comprehending. In this state of cosmic consciousness, Aswapati thought and felt in all and saw all things with the all-revealing intense light.

Converse with the Gods
He communed with the Incommunicable;
Beings of a wider consciousness were his friends,
Forms of a larger subtler make drew near;
The Gods conversed with him behind Life’s veil.

It is the plane of the highest Gods and Aswapati has become intimate with them. He conversed with Gods hidden behind the veil of Life. He made beings of cosmic dimensions and the gods with subtle forms his friends.

Nature’s crest
Neighbour his being grew to Nature’s crests.

These great Gods of the Overmind represent the highest peaks of Nature atop the triple lower world.

The primal Energy
The primal Energy took him in its arms;
His brain was wrapped in overwhelming light,
An all-embracing knowledge seized his heart:
Thoughts rose in him no earthly mind can hold,
Mights played that never coursed through mortal nerves:
He scanned the secrets of the Overmind,
He bore the rapture of the Oversoul.

The One original Power now took him in Her arms. His brain was wrapped in overwhelming light. An all-embracing knowledge seized his heart. Thoughts rose in him that earthly mind cannot hold. Mights played that cannot course through mortal nerves. He stood atop the Overmind where all its secrets can be known and felt its rapture.

Empire of the Sun
A borderer of the empire of the Sun,
Attuned to the supernal harmonies,
He linked creation to the Eternal’s sphere.

This is the border of the Supermind where it meets the Overmind. Here there is the perfect rhythm where all different aspects are harmonised and attuned to the Eternal.

Reins of cosmic Force
His finite parts approached their absolutes,
His actions framed the movements of the Gods,
His will took up the reins of cosmic Force.

Here the finite journey ends and enters into the infinite. Each part of nature discovers its absolute truth. His actions were wide and universal as the Gods. He took up the charge of this Overmind kingdom that governs the world.

Closing Remarks
This is the high station of Aswapati, the highest one can reach within the triple world. It borders the ultimate Mystery that can be glimpsed here.

Closing Remarks for the Canto
This is the highest Overmind plane that may well give an impression of being the very highest. It is here that one may feel that one has arrived but it is actually the border for an entry into the realms of the Absolute.

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What the Supramental will do the mind cannot foresee or lay down. The mind is Ignorance seeking for the Truth, the supramental by its very definition is Truth-Consciousness.