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At the Feet of The Mother

End of the reign of Night, p. 232. End of Canto Eight.

Opening Remarks
The reign of Night ends the moment we face it fearlessly carrying the God-Light and Love in our hearts. Darkness has been smitten by the Light, the mask is torn and what stands there is the face of the Divine Beloved who created hell as a passage towards a greater Joy and fullness of being.

The infernal Gleam died
Then life beat pure in the corporeal frame;
The infernal Gleam died and could slay no more.

How much ever endless it may seem there is always an end to darkness. With the slaying of darkness, life returned stronger and purer in the body and being of Aswapati.

Night vanished
Hell split across its huge abrupt facade
As if a magic building were undone,
Night opened and vanished like a gulf of dream.

The façade of hell was brought down abruptly as if it was nothing but an illusion. The nightmare along with the Night vanished opening its doors to the Light.

Division ceased to be
Into being’s gap scooped out as empty Space
In which she had filled the place of absent God,
There poured a wide intimate and blissful Dawn;
Healed were all things that Time’s torn heart had made
And sorrow could live no more in Nature’s breast:
Division ceased to be, for God was there.

The empty space, the Inconscient void that was filled with the horrors of the gulfs now witnessed the pouring of a wide and blissful Dawn. All the pain and sorrow of the gulfs was healed by its touch, suffering could no more be since the secret of Oneness was discovered. The soul lit the conscious body with its ray,

Matter and spirit united
Matter and spirit mingled and were one.

Matter driven by an Inconscient power opened now to the Light and Conscious Force of the Divine. It became an instrument for the manifestation of the Spirit.

Closing Remarks
A victory was won, the victory of Light over Night, of Love over division and hate, of Peace over violence and agitation and struggle, of Bliss over suffering and sorrow and pain.


Closing Remarks
Aswapati had plunged himself into the dark abyss to discover the cause of failure and sorrow and evil that haunts creation. He is the forerunner, the pioneer and the task of preparing this creation for the advent of a greater light falls upon his shoulders. Hence he enters the core of Night to see the source of its dark power and open its heart to the Light. He bears in the process fierce assaults of hell that rush up to slay his soul. Slowly they retreat drawing him further and further into the Abyss. In the end Aswapati hits the rock bottom of darkness and there at the very bottom he discovers the magic key to Nature’s change. That key is the Light and Love that labours in the Abyss and sleeps in the atom and stars. He opens the doors for this Light to emerge and for this Love to heal the abyss. Here ends this Canto which brings for man hope and promise and the song of eventual victory.

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