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At the Feet of The Mother

Epidemics, Germs and Fears: Another Dimension

The world has faced several kind of menaces and attacks from physical and occult forces. In fact according to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother behind the physical entities there is always a play of occult forces, especially elemental energies that are thrown out of the dead. It is quite likely, as is being already proposed, that this viral illness and some previous ones originate when animals are kept in miserable conditions prior to slaughter and later killed inconsiderately, possibly violently, In such conditions, the atmosphere of an animal throws out a lot of fear and rage which settles into the atmosphere and environment of such places where these animals are sold or slaughtered. It is this ‘amorphous and dark vital soup’ that helps breed what we later recognise as a virus. It then throws itself with as much violence upon human beings, almost like a crystallised fury. The attack also throws into the human system a lot of fear leading to a cascading effect. Nature supports this backlash of the animal kind upon a greedy humanity that has gone on a rampage to destroy all kinds of life for its own petty satisfaction. After a while the ‘Fury’ abates and the recovery starts. Behind these movements of nature there is almost invariably the force of ‘Kali’ at the level where the drama is unfolding. But what we should remember is that she too is the Mother and if we remain unperturbed by her dangerous dance then we will remain untouched even in the midst of the worst.
This is the inner reason for the epidemic. Well, the first thing to remember is that fear attracts the feared. It acts like a magnet to draw the thing that is feared. While it is reasonable to take suitable precautions such as washing our hands and avoiding crowded places both of which are in any case breeding grounds for forces of illness, fear and panic is to be specifically avoided. Staying away from crowded places such as a bazaar where people gather centered around ‘desires’ is anyways a good idea as it opens doors within us to all kinds of dark forces. On the other hand to remain in a state of inner quietude, cheerful trust in the Grace, filled with optimism and positivity is one of the best ways to keep all such forces of illness away. from the occult point of view a good psychological state reinforces the subtle envelope which is the body’s natural protection against attacks from illnesses etc.On the other hand it helps boost our immune system which greatly benefits if we are in a cheerful state and goes down when we are depressed.
To this a yogin or a sadhaka adds an implicit and unfailing trust and confidence in the Divine, a completest possible surrender to Her Will. Without fear of any kind from this or any other worlds he goes about doing the work given by the Mother fully assured of Her Protection and Her unfailing Grace. All other things will come and go but this abides forever and it is on these things that are of eternal value and abiding truth that we must remain concentrated upon rather than on passing transient appearances that come and go according to an inner logic of creation. Life and death weave the chequered march of man but to those who have turned towards the Divine, both of them are part of a single plan and eventually instruments of a higher Will and Wisdom that uses all things, even the most seemingly contradictory and shocking to our limited sensibility for the greater divine purpose in creation. We have to look beyond both and see in the bright and the dark, the glad and the terrible, the one face we love, the face of our Divine Mother in countless forms.
Alok Pandey
Pondicherry, March 6, 2020

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