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At the Feet of The Mother

Spiritual Evolution and Human Body

Evolution is always in steps and stages. Even animal evolution takes long before it reaches a point where the human can emerge. This emergence is not by dropping off the animal completely but by slowly taking up and integrating all the animal tendencies into the human and humanising them. The human body means that it can now support the play of the human mind with reason at its peak. This reason has to take up step by step every animal tendency such as rage, fear and sex and sublimating as well as mastering it. That process is not yet over. There are still plenty of animal tendencies that act independent of reason, which partly modifies, partly covers and partly justifies the animal parts in us. When man has largely mastered his vital animal nature then we can say that his human evolution is nearing completion and the spiritual evolution is ready to begin.

There are these three stages. First when the animal is unconsciously striving to become human. This is where the consciousness changes in a fundamental way but not yet the nature that still learns in fixed groves despite the emergence of a new consciousness in a new human body. Second when reason, speech etc. have emerged and with it the human body. But that does not mean that the animal nature is completely gone. Finally the animal nature changes is transmuted sufficiently enough to give rise to the full fledged human being. In fact if one looks closely one will see that the features of a human body itself continue to change and evolve further through a number of subtypes as the inner consciousness gets more and more freed from the clutch of animal nature and becomes human.

Generally the average human being today is in an accelerated mode of his intellectual evolution, that means he is moving towards humanism and humanity. The animal type and asuric humanity though still very much present, the average human is being fast tracked into moving past it. At the same time a few are showing genuine signs of the spiritual emergence with the doors opening towards a new and higher consciousness. These belong to a distinct type characterised by the need to explore beyond the limited frameworks of human thought as manifested so far. They are rejecting hypocrisy and seeking for authenticity and truth in everything. They are no more bound by religion or ideologies but accepting whatever is good from any quarters. They are quite adventurous and explorers attempting different ways of life, different forms of art and music expressing the deeper angst of the human soul and the earthly condition.

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