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At the Feet of The Mother

Expansion of Consciousness pp 30-31

Opening remarks
What is being described now is a result of the expansion and growth of consciousness that is taking place in the seer-king Aswapati during the course of his yoga. His ascension is marked by new discoveries.

Fables spoken by truth
All was revealed there none can here express;
Vision and dream were fables spoken by truth
Or symbols more veridical than fact,
Or were truths enforced by supernatural seals.

This is how myths and fables were born. The seers with their occult vision discovered deeper and higher truths often revealed to them in visions and symbols. These symbols, often given to man in the form of myths, are more true than earthly physical facts, since they reveal a hidden side of Reality unknown to the physical vision.

Beings of many Kingdoms
Immortal eyes approached and looked in his,
And beings of many kingdoms neared and spoke:
The ever-living whom we name as dead
Could leave their glory beyond death and birth
To utter the wisdom which exceeds all phrase:
The kings of evil and the kings of good,
Appellants at the reason’s judgment seat,
Proclaimed the gospel of their opposites,
And all believed themselves spokesmen of God:
The gods of light and titans of the dark
Battled for his soul as for a costly prize.

As Aswapati’s depth and range of experiences) widens, he begins to have close encounters with various beings of different worlds and inner kingdoms. The ever-living Masters, whom we call as “dead”, draw near the soul in its heavenward climb. The wise gods and the mighty titans who work behind the earthly screen spoke to him, seeking to make him their instrument for extending power and influence over earth. These beings, most of whom are much mightier than man as he stands today, are on the lookout for those who can embody and express them in material life. They seek to influence earth through such persons and thereby extend their reign.

Song of New Discovery
In every hour loosed from the quiver of Time
There rose a song of new discovery,
A bow-twang’s hum of young experiment.

A life moved and governed by the breath of the Spirit refreshes and rejuvenates itself constantly. It follows the rhythms of Universal becoming and remains young and joyful each moment discovering the world anew.

Each day was a Spiritual romance
Each day was a spiritual romance,
As if he was born into a bright new world;
Adventure leaped an unexpected friend,
And danger brought a keen sweet tang of joy;      (p 31 begins)
Each happening was a deep experience.

All is the Divine and to one who is ‘inwardly awake,’ each moment and each event becomes a revelatory disclosure of the Divine. It is as if one were discovering the same Divine in countless ways bringing with it a deep felicity.

High encounters and epic colloquies
There were high encounters, epic colloquies,
And counsels came couched in celestial speech,
And honeyed pleadings breathed from occult lips
To help the heart to yield to rapture’s call,
And sweet temptations stole from beauty’s realms
And sudden ecstasies from a world of bliss.

The high and mighty beings of subtler realms, the gods and the heavenly damsels of sweetness and light (the Apsaras and other such celestial beings that prepare the heart to the touch of Beauty and Bliss) drew near him as a honey bee to a flower. The great Gods spoke to his adventuring soul and beauty made its passage to his wide heart. The breath of God’s Bliss began to turn all experience into His rapture and delight.

Region of wonder and delight
It was a region of wonder and delight.

In these high realms one feels nearness to the Divine and the touch of His bliss and oneness.

Closing remarks
Thus the soul of Aswapati climbed through the higher realms facing the wonderful adventure of the New and the Unknown.

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