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At the Feet of The Mother


There is a strain in my eyes. Reading has become difficult. What to do?

For the eyes you can try boric acid lotion; it should at least take away the pain.

You will have to be careful about your eyes. Reading by night (too much) is unadvisable. There are two suggestions of the Sun-treatment man which I have found to be not without foundation. First, one should blink freely in looking at things or reading and not fix the eyes or stare. Second, palming gives a very useful rest — palming means keeping the hands crossed over the closed eyes (without pressing on the eyes) so as to shut out all light.

Nirod says there is nothing the matter with your eyes except a little congestion. It must be due probably to too much straining of the eyes, especially reading at night.

What type of eye-pain is this that it never ceases?

It is overstrain with insufficient relaxation of the gaze in reading and writing etc.

Two years ago I had a strong strain of the eyes. Medical treatment gave no result. So with your consent I left the matter to the Mother to cure it. Those days I did not even have faith except in some vague mental form. I resumed my reading and writing which had been given up earlier. And lo! I was cured. Why do I not have the same result now?

One gets often a result more easily when the consciousness is in the mental plane than when it is down in the physical.

Why is there no abating of the external troubles like the sciatica, stomach-upset and eye-strain?

It is like the rest — part of the general physical resistance and its inertia.

The eyes’ condition is much worse than before. Has this increasing resistance of the body any connection with the psychological state?

No, except in so far as a state of inertia predisposes the body to non-resistance to physical ailments.

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